By: Akanksha Behuria & Sagarika Behura

“TECHNOLOGY isn’t just a tool. It can give learners a voice they may not have had access to before.”

Contemporary learning is about collaborating, solving complex problems, critical thinking, developing various forms of communication and leadership skills and ultimately motivating them to productivity.

The freshers were lead to the orientation program of various technical clubs

Technocrats of VSSUT ushered the freshers to the orientation program of various technical clubs.

The headmen endeavored to amaze them with the various commendable glories received by the clubs and assisted the newcomers to opt for the apt club as per their expertise.




And so are the EDP nerds of VSSUT, Burla.
Witnessed by around 500 students, the orientation cum induction program of E-cell was held on 16th August.
An enlightening and factual piece of oration was addressed to the crowd by the Dean Students Welfare, Prof. Debadutta Mishra and other highly acclaimed dignitaries – Dr. Gyan Ranjan Biswal, Dr. Harish Kumar Behera and Dr. Arnanshu Mohapatra who revealed the crowd about the real world scenario and inspired the young minds to take up entrepreneurship that would rather help enhance employment despite having a job oriented intellect.
The crowd was addressed with an interactive session on entrepreneurship and development program and venture capitalism by the secretary of the cell, Nachiket Tripathy and its benefits in the present day scenario and how it can lead one to the path of triumph.
Chief guests Siddharth Bhatter, CEO, Karkhana and V.UMA Maheshwar, Associate Professor, UCE had an astounding impact on the pupils with their enlightening words on the same.
An  presentation by Shakti Prasad Mohanty and Robin Patra acted as the major highlight of the eve that helped the gathering discover about the various startup platforms established by the members of the cell.
The E-cell received a lot of appreciation and the crowd seemed to be taking a lot of enthusiasm.


Idea and Innovation Cell

The innovators here at VSSUT conducted the orientation on 22nd August establishing the layout of their Team to the freshers, celebrating the very 1st anniversary of first rocket launched by the team and developing the idea of EVEN SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT…!!
Initiated by Professor Debadutta Mishra, Dr. Bandhan Bhoi, Dr. Sanjay Agrawal and other dignitaries conveyed their gratification for the cell and about how overjoyed they feel for the achievement of VSLV and the zeal of the team to accomplish what they dream of.
VSLV, the pride of our university was introduced and how some members of the team came up with the intuitive idea of developing VSSUT’s own satellite. Along with that the numerous projects accomplished by the team were also bought into the sight of the students.
The students enjoyed the interactive session held on by the secretary of IIC Jasaswi Jashowanta Sahoo and Apurwa Masook.
The moment that made the evening even more fascinating when they were tasked with creating the biggest IIC in the auditorium itself  to which the pupils turned on their flashlights and made it happen.
The crowd showed deep enthusiasm and the Idea and Innovation club as usual left a remarkable imprint on its audience .




It was the day of “Introbotics”, the orientation program of the Robotics Society on 30th August, at Sir Visveswaraya Auditorium. The lamp lighting with the address of VP Gyan Ranjan Biswal, FA Nilakanta Sahu and Dean of Students’ Welfare Debadutta Mishra, marked the start of the promising eve.
Robotics Club holds its own magic and compelling aura in the hearts of the rookies as they enter the university gates. So just imagine the army of the freshmen marching straight up the auditorium stairs with a spark in their eyes! The hall was filled to it’s brim with excited young faces, adroit club members ready to let the fame rise up to the sky, and gracious presence of Sir.
Now, it was show time. The video titled “CONFLUENCE OF MIND” was displayed to draw the gravity further towards the occasion soon followed by the projects of Medicine Dispenser and Energy Meter. The laurels were brought into focus soon with the video of achievements, the glorious history of Robotics Society. An array of ingenious projects such as Balance Bot, Home Automation, Image Processing, Fingerprint Door Lock was displayed to arrest the audience in awe. Afterwards, the chamber was made to go dark to display the Reactive Lighting Project. Further, the trademark Quadcopter, Gesture Controlled Bot and a video of (UAV) shook the tenderfeet with a jolt. The final year students then graced the podium to share their exciting journey and inspired the new fleet to assume their responsibilities. Solar Tracker, Hover Pod were next on queue of the illustrious project panel coupled with videos on the bench work 3D printer and ROV.
The program was concluded with the exhibition of the spectacular inventory and filled the hall with euphoria and a promise to convert the ones willing to be a part of this stellar club. As expected, our very own Robotics Society mesmerized the spectators with their magical works and got them dumbfound. The eve resulted in hundreds of inspired hearts and tons of respect for the Society.



The talk of the town, the renowned VSSUT SAE, VEERRACERS, the official Supra SAE Club of VSSUT, held its orientation program on the flowing dusk of 31st August, 2018.

Wise, inspiring words of Faculty Advisors Dr. P Nanda Sir and Dr. P.K. Jena Sir kick-started the program. Freshmen, club members and associates shared an emotional and pride moment when the video of victories of the Club was on the play. Goosebumps, they were a must for all the proud BHISUTians. Production video was next on the line to be played. A proper detailed description of the Club, it’s functioning, it’s components, it’s future motives, it’s glorious history, were presented to the newbies. Inspiration and zeal to join the crew ignited their souls. Further, a small interactive automobile quiz session was conducted by the crew members to draw utmost interest to the subject. Then, interactive session with the present club members lightened up the mood and encouraged the rookies to approach the Club.

Inspiring young minds to join the crew, the program saw its climax.


Students displayed a lot of enthusiasm towards the orientation and seemed to have a zeal to take up the various technical opportunities provided by the technical clubs and exhaust them to the fullest to bring out the best in them.

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