He being the heart of the Robotics Society; the robo tech head ; has created milestones in the field of Robotics. Glorifying his persona, Team ViSSion was highly acclaimed to have a word with the tech head of VSSUT, Aklesh Kumar Malla, 2018 batch, Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

TEAM VISSION : The end is just a few days away. So to start with , Was joining this university a choice or by chance?

AKLESH KUMAR MALLA: The Question makes me remember the first year days when we were in the BEE Lab and so called Healthy Interaction was going on. But as per your question ,applying for the the college was my choice and the branch too.In the OJEE form I had 3 choices and my first choice was VSSUT EEE then EE  and then ETC and this was because  of unavailability  of desired branches in NITR,BITS Hyderabad and NISER for which i found that it will be the best choice to fuel my own passion. The main thing that attracted  me and still attracting other freshers is VSSUT being a Deemed University but we only who are studying knows how deemed it is.

TEAM VISSION: Coming to the most important part of your Society, Robocon. What is your experience there in the whole journey of Robotics Society?

AKLESH KUMAR MALLA: Robocon is a dream for all the members of ROBOTICS Society. Coming to the days when my second year was going on, as the asst.secretary of the club I assisted Jajati bhai the secretary of that year in the Robocon. He made me to see how he brought the rank of our college from AIR 28 to Air20 and inspired me to make the same in  the next year.During my tenure as I have to control the robot , first I got afraid and thought of not controlling it  but the coding,the design ,the time ,the time that we had all spent on it ,the hope of our seniors and college authority on us gave me the spirit. The hardwork done  by my team made the robot to run like a butter fighting against biggest rivals in the competition which was truly a biggest experience to make VSSUT to land from AIR 20 to AIR 6.

Thanks for the effort, inspiration given by my team and thanks to all the members for the great work done. Although this year’s performance was not upto the standard due to some unavoidable problems still Second Runners up in MATLAB Innovation was our achievement and I know the faults that we had this time will make us next year win back again our position in INDIA.


TEAM VISSION: Robotics Society had made other achievements also this year. We congratulate you all for that. But how come u know about all those competitions and whether participating in all that made any progress in the club?

AKLESH KUMAR MALLA: Thank You! Competitions in the current era happens a lot and only thing that lies how you click it and win it.The sources are the internet only and some alumni of our club those who help us out.Participating in all those competitions not only reward us with the fame but also the knowledge that we gain from other teams of different colleges changed our mindset and thinking capability. The outcome is that implementing the same advanced reforms of the technology have brought progress in the club, its society members as well as the college.

TEAM VISSION: Usually the college authority ignores the hardwork that you all have done and only want to see the last achievement list. What is your view on this for the techbuds involved in your society?

AKLESH KUMAR MALLA: This problem is not a current issue, the same has been persisting from the day of  club establishment, but during my tenure the help that I got from the Faculty Advisor – Dora Sir and Vice President of the Society- Sanjay Sir it made me to think that the college is progressing and changes are happening but as soon as the mentioned tenure got over everything became the same as before, I would rather suggest to my junior techbuds not to stop working and gain as much knowledge as they can extract from the society and at the mean time try to coordinate among yourself,  seniors and with the alumni’s also as they are there to help you all. And about the college authority only thing  that lies is the communication gap present between the authority and students  for which we are unable to convey about our knowledge and achievements to them and the respect for VSSUT that we have got in the field of Robotics, Technology and Innovation from other colleges .

TEAM VISSION: How do you manage the academic studies along with the competitions related to the society?

AKLESH KUMAR MALLA: Last days and late night studies is all that makes me to manage my academics and the rest is in attending classes.The rest time is what I devote in Robotics Society or with my friends group specially known as BRD and one more thing added to it in the final year is the Restaurant. All the thing that matters is the knowledge that you grab and write it up in exams.Thing is that what we learn is not like how much time we spend on studies is proportional how much we grab up things.For me Knowledge is all that matters not Syllabus.

TEAM VISSION : What is your message to the budding and junior techbuds for your club?

AKLESH KUMAR MALLA: Just go on innovating, doing research, learn, grab and extract as much as you can from the college and proportionally give some input for the college to make it fly higher. College will  support you seniors, faculties, alumni’s everyone are there. The thing that matters is all about time and luck. Best of luck to all of you for your future endeavour.

TEAM VISSION: How did you feel giving an interview now and some words for the Team ViSSion.

AKLESH KUMAR MALLA: Speaking some lines regarding my experience, my feelings make me happy as well as sad because I don’t have more days in the college to continue.Thanks TEAM VISSION for the time and also for conveying my words to my juniors.

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