By Saikrishna Rout and Bishal Mishra


Like every other great language in the history of mankind, the VSSUT Lingo has too found a very rich expressivity in its words taking roots from various diversified, yet, simplified sources, distorting with the passage of time and often creating ingenious colloquials to make the smooth flow of verbatims possible. This flexibility of this language has made it however it sounds today: dynamic and powerful, but musical as well; rational and scientific, still poetic… Team ViSSion brings to you the most enchanting and the most enchanted lingo of VSSUT!










Aantha m***

Meaning: A type of rebuking command that is often said to juniors when they offend seniors in any way. It literally translates to “kneel down!” but in an authoritative tone.

Example: When a junior looks into the eyes of a senior, instead of looking at the third button, the senior shouts, “Aantha m***!!!”




Meaning: A Sambalpuri term of expressing appreciation in response to something nice. It is equivalent of “badhia-badhia!”

Example: Me: “Bro, mai sara back clear kar diya!” Bro: “Bes-Bes!”



Meaning: An alternative and more casual pronunciation of VSSUT. Started off from Odia newspapers, this term has descended into the vocabulary of VSSUTians, or rather, BHISHUTians.

Example: Bro: “Bro, you’re so lucky to be studying in a govt college.” Me: “Firstly, it’s a University. And secondly,  kuchh din guzaro toh BHISHUT mein, fir luck ka pata chalega…”


Bhishut Maymay Society

Meaning: Also refered to as BMS, it’s a very popular Facebook meme (read Maymay) group owned by the BHISHUTians and memes are for the BHISHUTians as well. People often channelize their regret and frustration into memes and post them on BMS for others to relate.

Example: Me: “Dude, dekh ek Bhishut related meme banaya hai.” Dude: “BMS pe daal de!”




Meaning: It’s not what you think it is. Unlike other colleges, in VSSUT, CG means the Central Garden. A heaven of flora and flowers, Central Garden is the common place for drama and discussions and situated at the centre of the 4 senior hostels.

Example: Me: “Kahan milna hai?” Bro: “CG!”



Meaning: A person who is annoyingly arrogant and doesn’t hold back his chutzpah while talking to seniors.

Example: Junior: “Bhaai, mai akele VaSSaUnT ka itna saara kaam Kiya hoon.” Senior: “Tu chhodo na bey?”

See also: Pena


Chhodi heigala

Meaning: A phrase that describes the art of not giving a damn to stressful situations. Can be interpreted as, “I don’t care” or “IDGAF”.

Example: Bhaai: “Aaj do classes me absent lag gaya bhaai.” Me: “Chhodi heigala!”




Meaning: Sambalpuri dialect of bhai/bhaina/bhaiya. It’s also used to address auto drivers and shopkeepers.

Example: “Dada, zero point jima kein?”



Meaning: A meme trending in BMS about a legend who thinks BHISHUT is a private college. This trend had a lifespan of just 3 days.

See also: Ma9ic



E-learning centre

Meaning: A beautiful, yet useless (as of now) building which has attracted many freshmen at the time of admissions only to disappoint them later. It’s not to be confused with ‘SAC’!!

Example: Bro: “Club meeting kahan hai?” Me: “E-learning centre.”



Faaast yor

Meaning: BHISHUT variant of ‘first-year’, used to refer to any student who is in his/her first year. These words can scare the shit out of that fresher.

Example: “Ae faast yor!!”




Meaning: A year book commemorating the virtues and vices of the final years in that particular session as well as a grand event before the graduation of those students, in which they’re presented with a souvenir (year book) which has funny trolls jotted about them by their lovely friends, and a bunch of quirky-awards.




Meaning: An expression of unexpected and shocking news. It’s usually followed by “bey”.

Example: Bro: “He was so high that he slept the entire night in CG.” Me: “Hard bey!”




Meaning: The time by which the girls of BHISHUT are meant to return to their respective hostels. A term highly detested by girls, it’s still relevant in BHISHUT, upholding the sexist values that we’re trying to get rid of.

Example: He: “Kab jayegi wapas?” She: “Humara toh in time 6:30 ko hai na!”




Meaning: A hangout and refreshment spot for BHISHUTians. It’s the BHISHUT version of Starbucks. It’s famous for sutta (cigarettes) and cold coffee.

Example: Bro: “Bro, sutta marne chale?” Me: “Kalia chalte hai, bro!”



Meaning: An expression for great appreciation towards something.

Example: Bro: “Check out my new shoes, bro.” Me: “Kassaw heichi bey!”



Meaning: An expression used for someone who’s been ‘playing’ or is being ‘played’…#IYKWIM. Literally speaking, it means, ‘game’, used for teasing guy friends when he hangs out with his ‘Mandu’.

Example: “Khaali khelaw karuchu, na bey!!”

See also: Mandu



Meaning: A place in the vicinity of the campus which is famous for plenty of cafeterias and food stalls all around it. It’s the place where one would likely either find couples in the evening or lot of single guys.

Example: “Chal kirba jate hain khane!”




Meaning: Another meme trending, which, unlike, ‘Daw’, has been around the Bhishut Maymay Society for quite some time now. It’s a meme which accurately depicts the awesomeness of a magician guy who’s very popular on Facebook. And the 9 is put to troll the faculties of VSSUT who expect pressing 9 in such trending FB memes to see the magic.

See also: Daw



Meaning: A term that is equivalent to “bae” but in a more casual way. It usually means ‘girlfriend’, but can sometimes mean ‘boyfriend’ too.

Example: “Khali mandu sangare buluchu na!”



Meaning: Usually symbolizes the leader of a gang. It’s commonly used to refer to people who presume themselves to be over smart.

Example: ” Mane mane mundi au.”



Meaning 1: Reference to a girl who looks beautiful or rather appealing

Example: “Maal laguchi toki ta”

Meaning 2: (More common from Burla perspective) Refers to marijuana sold in different parts of Burla town which students usually consume to get high.

Example: ” Chal bhai aji maal mariba”




Meaning: A person who is too low on self confidence and is good for nothing. It’s an antonym for “chhodo”.

Example: Junior: “Mu kichhi janini bhai.” Senior: “Pena ta ki rey?”

See also: Chhodo




Meaning: Enjoyment and the fun you derive from participating in a social gathering, generally a treat or a dance. It could also mean, being excited about having a great time in any type of party

Example: “Bhaai aaji toh randall haubo.”




Meaning: An arrangement for a situation which is unorthodox, yet, surprisingly effective.

Example: Friend: “How did you manage to get all Os in the viva even though you didn’t know anything?” Me: “Scheme pakeideli, bhai.”



Meaning: The Burla version of sexy as you may call it.

Example: ” Saxx heichi poster ta”




Meaning: The third button from the top of a first-year’s shirt, which is meant to be looked at, while conversing with a senior. It’s a phrase which is greatly feared by the first-years.

Example: “Third button ku anaa m***!!!”



UCE cut

Meaning: A unique and distinct haircut for the first year boys, characterized by hair so short that you can’t grab them by your hands. UCE can be referred to as the former designation of VSSUT.



Meaning: BHISUT’s version of ‘fresher party’. It’s an event which marks the welcome of freshmen by seniors in a branch or in a hostel.

Example: “Bhai, welcome kebe?”



Year Back

Meaning: A dangerous situation feared by all, in which, one has to repeat all the subjects of one complete year all over again. The situation for year back occurs when a student is unable to pass at leat 5 subjects in a year.

Example: “Bhai year back lag jayega mera.”



Zero point

Meaning: A place of serene beauty along the Mahanadi river. It’s the standard picnic spot for VSSUT students.

Example: Bro: “Ghumne kahan jayein?” Me: “Zero point, or kahan!”


The above expressions are unique to VSSUT and VSSUTians only. Even if these words find their usual meanings elsewhere, it’s because the world is too small. The VSSUT Lingo aims at bringing smiles on the faces of the final years because they’re going to take a lot with them from Burla. It aims at bringing excitement in the nerves of the pre final years because they’ve already lived enough of Burla. It aims at bringing amazing memories in the hearts of the sophomores because they’re about to explore the real Burla. And most importantly, it aims at redefining the thoughts of the freshmen who’re going to enter a whole new Universe-ity!

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