A team comprising of 11 members of the VSLV project, Idea Innovation Cell, VSSUT, Burla, was selected for a two month long summer student research internship and project work at the Indian Space Research Organisation, Ahmedabad. This internship commenced on the 15th of May, 2018.

The team was provided with this huge opportunity because of their immense hard work put into the VSLV project which has been put forth and has  won numerous accolades at various national and international platforms. The project gained recognition and hence the diligence of the team members was rewarded with this splendid opportunity of undergoing training at ISRO, a feat that remains a dream for almost every undergraduate student in India.

The members of the team who are students of final year B.Tech, were assigned different projects in different departments under the able guidance of scientists at the ISRO.

The team members worked on various projects which helped them gain a lot of understanding and working in the field of rocket science and technology.

Sovan Panda of Mechanical Engineering worked on the project involving programming PLC of the 3 limbed rover to perform certain tasks. The programming was done using Structured Text Language in TwinCAT.

Ranjan Panda of Mechanical Engineering  worked on assembly sequence and joystick control of 3 limbed rover and FEA Analysis in Creo Illustrate.

Kunal Mittal of Mechanical Engineering researched on modal, static and random analysis of frequency generator(RISAT-2A), power combiner and shaped sub reflector of PEEK material (GSAT-7A) and vibration testing in hypermesh and nastran/patran.

Apurwa Masook and Sahasranshu Purohit both from the Civil Engineering department carried out their work in the field of Wetland Mapping & Classification using Imaging Spectroscopy and Spatial Data Analytics on ESRI Platform (ENVI) including novel approaches of Remote Sensing using Hyperspectral Satellite Imagery.

Pranaya Panda and Tatwam Nanda of Mechanical Engineering worked with fabrication of composite components of a communication satellite, telescope structure for a remote sensing satellite , and design optimization of said structures using Altair Hypermesh.

Sumit Kumar Sahu of Mechanical Engineering studied the fundamentals of different cryocooler and preliminary design of an inline stirling type pulse tube cryocooler.

Extraction of Altika, Altimeter and SCATSAT, scatterometer data using python programming and Comparison of Backscatter co-efficient from tha extracted data of the radars was done by Rounak Agarwal, a student of the Information Technology.

Jaswasi Sahoo, from Chemical Engineering, researched on photolithography and dry etching of GaN & SiN wafer for fabrication of microelectronics & microoptical components.

Sudarshan Samal, from Mechanical Engineering, studied antenna deployment and pointing mechanism with static structural and modal analysis of the entire system to determine maximum fluctuations in distortion at different natural frequencies.

The team was highly appreciated for its work ethics, ability to comprehend concepts and the sheer hard work by Mr Tapan Misra, the incumbent director of ISRO Ahmedabad.

The team VSLV expressed its immense gratitude to Mr J Ravi Sankar, Head(HRD), ISRO, Ahmedabad, for providing such a wonderful training.

‘AskViSSion’, an online initiative by Team ViSSion which has been developed for the students to learn about almost everything in and around VSSUT from the experienced. Another menu in thevission.org, called ‘Share Your Intern’, gives an opportunity to share such bamboozling internship stories and, of course, to know about the diligence of this team more and about the life at ISRO and how it was a successful endeavour on its part.

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