Adding one more fantastic feather to its cap and carrying forward the legacy of VSSUT SAE, VEERRACERSS, the official Supra SAE club of VSSUT, stood 9th amongst the participating 115 teams in the recently concluded Formula Student competition held at the Buddha International Circuit, Greater Noida. When Team VEERs racing had become the talk of the town a few months back, it was now the turn of its sister team to have the share of reputation. And, guess what? They did so with sheer elegance.

The 5 day long competition kick started with the technical inspection on day 1. After clearing the tech inspection in only the 2nd attempt, the team rushed through all the further events without much delay. Without the dynamics flowing smooth enough, it was now left to the statics team to step the game up. And it did so with utmost ease. And the results are enough to testify. It ended up being adjudged the 2nd runner’s up in the design event and 11th in the cost analysis event.

And then came the big day, 16 June 2018: the day of endurance race. Every reader would comply with the fact that nothing is more exciting or rather nothing gives your adrenaline a bigger rush than seeing a car you made run on the international FORMULA 1 track at BUDHH INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT. And something similar was the condition of the team members standing in the grand stands and cheering for their respective teams. And at the end of the day, our beast upheld its name and finished on a roaring 7th position among the 25 teams that ran on the track on the event day.

The feat that the team has achieved today could not have been possible without the sheer dedication, determination and perseverance of the team that shares a cosmic camaraderie. This fantastic feather is definitely dedicated to all the individuals who sacrificed luxuries and worked day in and day out to make this happen. After all, at the end of the day, the smile on those faces was worth it. This happens to be the 1st major achievement in the 4 year history of Team VeerRacerss and would be revered by the varsity for time immemorial.

TEAM VISSION congratulates VeerRacerss for their sheer diligence and unparalleled zeal to achieve glory, one feat at a time.


  1. Never saw this coming but finally they then, now on ground official SUPRA SAE CLUB engineered their success, they have answered with their capabilities to the people who came in between their struggle to the height of their present achievement. People haven’t realized yet the kind of scuffle team SUPRA underwent over the last 4 years, being a part of it for about a year.

    All the best team!!

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