In addition to a flourishing and fulfilling career of research works in the field of Signal Processing & VLSI and an extensive experience of over thirty years of teaching, Prof Rutuparna Panda also happens to own a plethora of eminent achievements engraved within his persona. From having over 50 research papers published in some of the prestigious internationally acclaimed academic bodies and national research papers and journals in IEEE, Elsevier and IETE to receiving ‘Highly Cited Research Award’ from Swarm & Evolutionary Computation, Elsevier & ‘Rashtriya Ratna Award’ from Indian International Society for Unity, there is a list that goes on depicting the epic pinnacles of this awe-inspiring mettle.
Witness the story of this genius incarnate, Prof RP Panda, as he shares a part of his journey and reflects his thoughts on various aspects of the University in a short conversation with Abinash Mohanty on behalf of Team ViSSion.

Team ViSSion: You have been with this institute for the past three decades. The institution is, indeed, privileged to have one of the greatest minds as its staff. We’d like you to share your 30 years in three possible sentences that best describe your Alma mater, our Alma Mater, VSSUT Burla.
Prof Panda: My Alma Mater, VSSUT Burla, has offered students transformative opportunities because of a whole-hearted commitment to positioning students for the lives of a greater achievement and fulfilment. Now, the University is going through its transformations from a teaching-learning system to a system more focused on research and innovation. The students of VSSUT are more equipped to face the uncertain future in the long run.

Team ViSSion: From ‘being a student’ to ‘having lovely students’ you have seen a lot of ups and downs in the profession you chose. We’d love to listen from you the odds that you had to face in this journey and how you overcame those disasters on your way.
Prof Panda: I believe attitude is everything. I was often reminded and believed it myself, so there were no more problems.

Team ViSSion: What, according to you, happens to be the best gift that a teacher can present to a student other than just completing the syllabus? In the same manner, what according to you should a teacher expect from a student other than graceful grades?
Prof Panda: The biggest gift that a teacher can ever present to a student is the emotional support as perceived by the student with respect to the impact on the students’ outcomes. Students must help teachers in the assessment of learning outcomes.

Team ViSSion: What would you like to comment regarding the present methodologies and techniques of spreading quality education in engineering? Are they really going to help the students in any possible way? If yes, How?
Prof Panda: The University is going through its transformation from teaching-learning based system to outcome based technical education system. This will definitely ensure more employability of the students.

Team ViSSion: You have seen VSSUT rearranging its regulations and policies for the betterment of the students, yet it lags behind satisfying certain basic needs of the students. What changes would you like to see being brought about in this institute?
Prof Panda: Nowadays, the entire world is shifting towards innovation for survival. In this context, we need to encourage students to become more practical. Regulations must allow students to get internships with industries for about three or four months, so that they are industry-ready.

Team ViSSion: What is the current scenario of research works in terms of quality and quantity being undertaken in and by our University?
Prof Panda: The quantity is very high but requires a little more focus. The quality is medium. More effort needs to be put in to increase the future prospectus and scope.

Team ViSSion: With the most number of achievements in publishing research papers in IEEE and other international platforms, you have nailed it to a whole new level. Sir we’d like to hear from you the best of your works and the most favourite one. Further, let us know how you felt when your research paper was published in IEEE for the first time.
Prof Panda: B-spline signal processing, VLSI Signal Processing, Image thresholding and State-of-the-art methods for brain tissue segmentation are some of my favourite works. As far as IEEE is concerned, it is now counted among the top 10 research papers. So, I gain acute inspiration from the works that I did and hence, always tend to accelerate my journey towards the perks of prosperity.

Team ViSSion: You’ve, indeed, served various respectable positions like that of the Dean and the HOD a number of times. So, sir, what does it take to bear the brunt of the extra responsibilities on your shoulders and managing those posts?
Prof Panda: The tenures broadened my perspective through a variety of exposure to academic excellence and fortified my competencies as an administrator. All it takes is a little patience, smart work and fortune in the pocket.

Team ViSSion: What would be your message for the students of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department, which one must remember from the freshman year till the final year?
Prof Panda: My message for the students would be that in addition to educating yourself, you also need to empower yourself. You also need to convert your failures into your successes.

Team ViSSion: Sir, please share any of your ever-lasting memories in VSSUT, which you’ll always cherish.
Prof Panda: VSSUT facilitated my professional growth and development and provided me with life-long attributes. I have seen young ignited minds exploring life at VSSUT, which I shall always cherish. After all, I’m an explorer of the same sort.

Team ViSSion would like to express gratitude to Prof Panda for offering his valuable time. He is definitely an idol for the students of VSSUT and his works are an inspiration to the younger generations. Team ViSSion congratulates Prof RP Panda for his successful career and wishes all the best of very good luck for the future crusades in the field of electronics technology.

Truly said, “Life is short. Make the most of every moment.” Prof Panda made his journey to the technical universe walking miles on the shoes of his passion and devoting it to research his own curiosity.

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