Imagine your parents gifted you a jigsaw puzzle that you happen to be wanting it from long back. Now you are engrossed in it day and night. Eventually, you’re on the verge of completing the puzzle. In the meanwhile, you don’t find a lost piece in the puzzle. The twist in the plot is when you ask your parents about the lost piece in the puzzle, they stay clueless as well. How relevant is that?

This silent pain is simply unimaginable. Such mess can be only handled with utter perfection and commitment towards the upbringing of the downfall. The Department of Computer Science Engineering brought it wonderfully by performing the trick and presenting one of the most admirable branch fests of 2018, named SRUJAN. SRUJAN’s success story was possible only due to sheer hard work and unity. The two day long fest commenced on 21 April 2018, beginning with the inaugural ceremony followed by inspirational speeches by the honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Atal Chaudhari, esteemed Head of the Department, Dr. Rakesh Mohanty and the beloved Faculty Advisor, Dr. Santosh Majhi. The keynote speakers were honorable Dean CDCE, Dr. Sudip Kumar Naskar and Dr. Subhadip Basu.  It was followed by the National Students Computing Conference Edition-1, which dealt with paper presentation and the submission of research done by the B.Tech, M.Tech and the PhD students of the University. First day of SRUJAN 2018 winded up with the most demanding attraction, the ‘Embedded Hunt’. This event was tried to make complex and competitive for the participants to take more interest and push themselves to their limits to earn the winner’s title. ‘Embedded Hunt’ started off with the preliminary round as an aptitude round. The selected teams headed for the main round tracing the hints given to them and thereafter, solving riddles and using QR codes. Everyone seemed to love it as there was an urge of bewilderedness amongst all.

Moving forward, the second day of Srujan 2018 had with it many striking and fascinating events like the  ‘Bit Quiz’: a quizzing event on computing and related topics, the ‘Assembler’ event which involved students to assemble the dismantled parts of a CPU as fast as they could, ‘Let’s Return-O’: a cross University online coding competition, online ‘Logo Design’ competition, ‘Debugging’ and ‘Switch Coding’. Students showed dynamic participation in all the events and eventually everything worked out well. Another much anticipated event was the gaming event which was a lure for the boys. CS GO is the soul and spirit for gamers. CS GO bagged quite impressive number of participants from round the University. In addition to the list was the fun event, tug-of-war and the photo booth gained everybody’s attention. No fest is complete without a relaxing and entertaining cultural program. Tent and stage was set up near the department building with full arrangements for lighting, sound and sitting. The students of Department of Computer Science and Engineering didn’t leave any fraction unseen. The cultural evening kicked off with dance performances as well as various shayaris by the freshers. There was a warm interaction between seniors and the juniors. Everyone shared their experiences and ambitions with each other, which ultimately brought each one closer and, in turn, strengthened the bond. Lastly, the prize distribution ceremony was followed by DJ and dinner in the fore front of the department. The last day of SRUJAN 2018 had a long list of events, conducted with harmony and cooperation.

You can’t feel those success vibes until you haven’t tasted troubles. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering made it through. If you have the zeal to achieve anything and have courage to make an effort, no one can stop you to achieve your targets, as done and dusted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

“So overcome the negative, try seeking for the missing element to keep solving the puzzle of our life.”

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