The conclusion of everything greater comes with millions of emotions and zillions of stories. Rome did not stand tall in one day, nor did it take up just the effort of one man. It took days and the toil of many. Everybody who had a contribution in this mega event, this day was dedicated to each one of them. This day was not just a one day fest, it was a one thousand emotions…

The 21st day of April 2018 in VSSUT, Burla kick started with The Scribbled Stories workshop, hosted by the co-founder of the page, Omar Tarique. It was an interactive session along with a mass of more than 200 aspiring intellects. The workshop introduced the audience to various areas of literature such as micro fiction, poetry etc. It was an enthusiastic time for discussion and debate for the ones who have a great deal of excitement about literature and it reached out to all sections of the mass, both the reading as well as the non-reading class. The workshop made the audience learn how they can speak a lot in a little.

Galaxy 2018 made up about the major part of the afternoon. It was the last celebration for most of the final years, felicitating all the achievers and others who have excelled in earning name and fame in their 4 years in the institute. The final years reminisced the very last moments of their college life after taking a sneak peek at the recently launched GALAXY 2018. It was fun, frolic and entertaining in all its senses.

The night was as glorious as it could have ever been. The stage was set on fire with marvellous and awestruck performances. The Mr. & Miss VaSSaUnT Ramp Walk was a crowd puller, which made the crowd unsettled with excitement and a big buzz. Sagar Mohanty and Snigdha Senapati emerged winners of the event. The final years put everyone on their feet with their magnificent moves and wild dance numbers. Girls and guys had their share and moment of glory on the stage.

EDM Artist, Akade was the show stopper, that night. This was the concluding act which each one of us yearned for for months. Students displayed their ecstacy through their crazy moves on the ground to the EDM beats. The open air theatre had become the dome of dust, along with a utopia of uninterrupted excitement. It created an aura of togetherness, building bonds between the beautifully blossomed hearts of VSSUTians. This was how a wave of complete happiness and euphoria was epitomised among the hunger which the VSSUTians craved for in themselves for days altogether!

“That night was like a reoccurring nightmare… This night was like a reminiscing Filmfare!!!”  

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