“Football is a game of mistakes. Whoever makes the fewest mistakes wins.” -Johan Cyruff

The much awaited third edition of Futsal took place at the ground of Kratu Hall of Residence (formerly West Hostel) on the 17th, 18th and 19th of April 2018. The grand tournament, being a variant of the traditional football, encompasses different rules such as six players per side and each half of gameplay being 10-15 minutes. The auction for Futsal 3.0 was held on the 15th of April for the franchise owners to get their hands on the best of players from the bunch of talented footballers of VSSUT into their respective teams. There was a total of 12 teams participating in Futsal 3.0, that were divided into 4 groups- A, B, C and D. The tournament kicked off on the night of April 17, with the group stage matches. Eight of the group stage matches were scheduled to be played on the first night. As the matches began, the audience gathered around the ground to witness the players expressing their love and dedication towards the game, which channelized into the game effectively.

On the following night, the last four matches of the group stage were played, which concluded the group stage and the top 2 teams from each group qualified for the quarter-finals of Futsal 3.0. As all the qualified teams prepped for the much anticipated quarter-finals, even the spectators couldn’t be any less excited for these awesome sides go head-on against each other. The quarters took place and the expectations were not let down. The teams showcased some of the finest football games to win their spot in the semi-finals. The teams led by Sambeet Rath, Ankit Panda, Godfred Edwin (Eddy) and Deepak Moharana emerged victorious in the quarter-finals and made their way gloriously into the semis.

The much hyped final night of Futsal 3.0 kicked off with the semi-final 1 between the teams led by Eddy and Deepak Moharana. The second semi-final took place between Team Sambeet Rath and Team Ankit Panda. The semis couldn’t be more thrilling as both matches came down to the penalty round. Everyone was thrilled to witness the nail biting finish to the semis after which, the winning teams- Team Eddy and Team Sambeet Rath would play the epic finale of this incredibly exciting tournament. Since the beginning of the final, everyone was on the edge of their seats. The scores were 1-1 till the half-time and it was a very tight contest between the two great teams. Sooraj Raja, who scored a hat-trick last year, scored a decisive goal with the assist of the ‘Nutmeg King’, the captain Sambeet Rath, as their side triumphed as the winner of Futsal 3.0.

The three-day tournament came to an end as the tournament favourites lifted the trophy for the latest edition of Futsal and celebrated by showing off their champion dance moves.

“And that’s how Futsal bid its adieu to this year with a promise of a more dazzling and lucrative season next year..”

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