She is the enchantress of aggregation; the silver toned witty, who can calm any chaos; the dangerous beauty, who can make one fall head over heels. Dancer in VIBRANZ, actor in EMoTICA, vocalist in SOULS, model in PIXELS and writer in ViSSion; this universally unique lady owns a kingdom come in everyone’s heart. Lionizing her persona, Team ViSSion was highly acclaimed to have a word with the all rounder feminine of VSSUT, Freya Ray, final year, Civil Engineering.

Team ViSSion: With all the name and fame, VSSUT has seen people coming with an optimistic attitude in their freshman years but it somehow fades away in the end. You’ve crossed all these phases in Burla and you’re about to finish the B.Tech lap. Was VSSUT an amusing or a monotonous journey for you in these four years? What was the best thing in Burla you would treasure all your life?

Freya Ray: To my surprise, it was neither an amusing nor a monotonous journey so far. I can still film my admission day, when I was dynamic and zealous about the beginning of my engineering days. Let me draw this with a story. On the day of my admission in VSSUT, the hostel had a music club poster near the cafeteria which speculated me the most and being a trained classical singer for 13 years, I was hopingly excited about this and a memo was set in my mind diary that this is definitely the one I’m getting into. Sadly, when I entered the varsity, I faced the harsh reality that there was no such club and the instruments had always found a place to be dumped. That was the day I rearranged my memo to make an escape out of this place ASAP! But standing on the verge of this journey, I’m equally grateful to Burla for exposing me to great learning experiences, picturing me to the best and the worst of things and challenging me, the survivor series of my existence here. Whenever I tip-toe upon my treasure land, I find all the amazing as well as messy glimpses of my life in Burla. (Happy Grin!) Honestly speaking, this part of the planet has gifted me with an optimistic courage to resolve chaos or to set things straight by hook or by crook. Burla is a place I would never like to come back, but I would definitely not forget this quarter of my life.


Team ViSSion: You are known to be an all rounder lady with your extensive involvement in the extra-curricular activities of the varsity. Has your involvement in each field ever been a hindrance to your academics? How do you manage your time to get the best of both the worlds?

Freya Ray: (Giggles) Let me be honest with you on this. It is like a directly proportional equation for me. If I pause myself from doing any of these activities I am happily involved in, I will get the worst of the grades. Entertainment is like oxygen in my life. They are the constants I preserve and they help me get through any kind of thrills. It’s like I listen to songs, sing it all along and my day is made. Regarding scheduling myself for these, I don’t think it has ever been an issue. For the acts one is passionate about, dedicating an hour a day to it, rather keeps it motivated and focused in the venture. I would say, if someone practices a particular passion, don’t restrict the flow, rather keep practicing the same way and I am sure, the pinnacle shall be reached, a day or the other.


Team ViSSion: Be it VIBRANZ, SOULS, EMoTICA, LITERARY SOCIETY, PIXELS; Freya Ray has always been the spotter of VSSUT. In these four years, the cultural clubs of VSSUT have changed drastically. We would like to know what change has these cultural clubs brought upon in you as a person. Further, we would like to know which among these happens to be your most favorite and why?

Freya Ray: (Wide Laughter!) Wrong Question!!! I don’t know how to get on with this, but let me just speak my heart out for all of these miniatures. Souls, Emotica and Pixels are the ones I joined in my freshman year and Vibranz happened in the sophomore period. For some reason, I was less involved in these activities back then and you see, that’s where the fault in my stars was. But again, I realized the tale of exercising books needs a sharp twist, and then was the time I discovered my acting skills. Talking about Literary Society, I was humbly a meagre part of it, and Pixels happened because I had this curiosity of trying my hands out in photography but concluded that I’m better in front of the lens. The change these small families have built in me is ‘massive!’ Burla is not a happening place to engage you in, but with all these clubs meddling around, I get to feel the fresh air out of them. I would say that these clubs have been a sweet contribution to my survival here. (Deep breathe) This is quite a tricky, yet the toughest one, and I don’t find a better way of answering it by mentioning the best of all these clubs. VIBRANZ is one such wonderful club which taps all the 12 months of a year with a bag full of enthusiasm. SOULS has been a better half of me. EMoTICA surprises me with new titles (Still guessing HOW). And Pixels, has given me with a pile of coolest juniors and I believe, there’s a lot to learn from them.


Team ViSSion: You have achieved several accolades in various IITs and NITs all across the nation. What do you feel about it and whom would you like to thank the most after all these glorious garlands still adoring your neck?

Freya Ray: (Long Pause!) I really feel thankful; that’s all to say. I’m still not sure how I made up till this, and I don’t think I have been entitled much in my life. There’s a long way to go and I do hope, someday I achieve greater goods and get self-tagged. I have a bunch of 10 friends and these people have always stood by me at times thick and thin. I have another incident to share here. This VaSSaUnT, I had a chain of performances on the stage and these fellas were right at the backstage throughout my shows, waiting to help me change my costumes back to back and step on for the next show. So, I feel lucky enough to have these people around me. I would definitely be thankful to my club mates who have been ‘THE MOTIVATORS’ all this while. To sum it all up, this bunch of 10 people and my club mates are the ones I will always adore all my life.


Team ViSSion: From ‘being a junior’ to ‘having loving juniors’, you have made a crucial place in the hearts of several professors, batch mates, juniors as well as seniors. So how do you feel right now? How has this journey been for you so far?

Freya Ray: (Giggles!) I don’t find this gut feeling of being a final year in me yet. I still wonder anyone would call me up any moment and assign me with some work. I find it difficult at this point to sit and enjoy because I’ve always been on the other side of the table, organizing and making a happy-go everywhere. And about feelings; they’re mixed feelings, actually! I might not come to this place ever again but this place has made me go down to the Earth and has enriched my morale with the greatest preaching of my life.


Team ViSSion: You made a swift move into L&T, which is still the dream of many of your juniors and you’ve been an inspiration to them. We would like to know, what the difficulties were that you faced in your placement days? What possibly was the dragoon which lifted you up all this while?

Freya Ray: I was totally waiting for this pop-up. Let’s have flashback now.  As I remember, not just I, none of my batch mates had this confidence that L&T would ever hire a girl; the reason being, there was an announcement by the placement cell that the company would not be hiring any girl, this year. Suddenly, amidst all the final year amusements I received a mail about the selection process being taking place the very next day. At one swoop, I started my preparations and in the written round, I ranked first out of 30. Pretty elated, I was. Then, came the D-day, before which, let me tell you I had studied the only love book of my trade ‘The Environmental Engineering’ the whole night and was the first one to get interviewed. Sweating and shivering, I managed to crack all the query codes of the interviewer when two of the questions of the final five minutes shook me down and I went into a state of dilemma. Three weeks later, results with my name in the first place didn’t just put a smile on my face, I was rather overwhelmed. For the lovely juniors, I would say that L&T gives you accessible questions, but TIME MANAGEMENT IS THE KEY. Talking about the dragoon, from my toddler days everyone kept on saying that I am a born rebel. The fact that girls will not be allowed to appear for the core body, while the procedure said it will be among the top 30 people of the trade, the company shall recruit, I think, was something which uplifted my instincts to prove the authorities wrong just by being my usual self. I wanted to let know each aspirant here that ‘Recruitments are never on the basis of gender, they have always been a merit play’.


Team ViSSion: You’ve always been in an entitled position in the Literary Society, VSSUT. What was your constant inspiration throughout these four years? What message do you have for your lovely juniors in the society?

Freya Ray: (Warm laugh…pause…more laughs) My inspiration in life as a whole would be the desire to learn new skills and invoking it in all the good ways possible. The juniors here, good gracious; I have never seen such an incredible batch, especially the pre-final years. These people are really hard working and are already set for the golden journey they will walk on. Summing it all up, I would absolutely like to thank these peeps and wish them a great success.

So good luck, kiddos!



  1. Wonderful read Ms.Sonali Mishra. You break the stereotype and hackneyed. The words flow like a gush of fresh air. A feeling of sipping “Latte” beside a gently flowing Brook does occur. You indeed know the craft and have a way with “words”. Congratulations Ms.Wordsmith.

    1. So much we came to know of the interviewee Ms.Freya Ray from the LATTE WITH LITSOC (courtesy Ms.Sonali Mishra) , Amazing and happily Surprised !!!!

  2. 1. Whats a silver toned witty ?
    2. Good interview.. I dont think I have ever met her, but Freya definitely seems like someone to be exemplified. I was in the civil dept too (2014) and I know how difficult it is for a girl to get into Lnt. it has some really strong sexism, and bad workplace conditions too).
    3. Good luck to both the interviewer and interviewee..


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