You cannot spell geek without ‘EE’. A statement, yet, proved again by the departments of Electrical Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering, with roads and ground decorated by all various circuit elements for the 13th national level symposium, RESONANCE 2k18, standing tall on 08 April 2018.


The event started with the inaugural ceremony by lighting of the ceremonial lamp in the Sir Visveswaraya Auditorium, with Dr. Prasant Kumar Pradhan as the Chief Guest and Vice Chancellor, Prof Atal Chaudhuri, along with the Head of the Department, EE and EEE, Dr Ajit Kumar Barisal, Faculty Advisor, Mr Jatin Kumar Pradhan, Secretary of RESONANCE 2018, Kingshuk Mitra; as the dignitaries on the dais.


A brief idea was provided about the 13th edition of EE and EEE Departments’ national level symposium and the events to be conducted in RESONANCE 2k18 by the Student Coordinator. Followed by which, the honorable Vice Chancellor illuminated the students as well as the faculty members, inspiring one and all about the department. The Chief Guest, with his far-fetched knowledge, explained about the development of electrical equipments and the power grid system, respiring hopes into the students about the innumerable scope around the world.

As if this wasn’t enough for us, the eventful day continued with many events which had ‘Circuit Debugging’, providing a platform to students in groups of two to test their own knowledge by solving various circuits and deciphering most of the loop questions in the least amount of time. Whereas, in ‘Just A Minute’, participants were given a topic related to EE/EEE about which they had to blabber nonstop. The ‘Technical Quiz’ challenged students’ brains to remember and answer as swiftly as possible. In addition, ‘ElectroHunt’ saw a rush among the participants, all roaming around the campus to find the right spark to get them to win the event.

A lot of crowd gathered near the photo booth to get clicked mutually. With all the enthusiasm in the campus, all the rush and excitement among the students about the events and knowledge sparring among the participants; the day ended with mouth-watering food and a delicious dessert.

“Were you searching for amusement? They just got the right spark to shock you…”

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