POLL ANALYSIS: What was more sarcastic about the first year in VSSUT?

Apart from the senior-junior interaction, VSSUT has got its own menu of hot and crispy affairs, which constantly stirs the minds of the freshers who know nothing about their own kitchen. Little did those naive and ingenuous souls know they had fallen into a prank where everyone else knew the joke except for them. VSSUT never fails to amuse its students by its judicious development ideas and beneficial SCHEMES (iukwim).  In addition to this, the administration and the (not so) existing student body, map out everything and work hand in hand to make this a better place to live in. The first year students are privileged to have a life of lie; a life full of sarcasm. Their journey to the island of sarcasm begins with the ‘anti-ragging’ norms and the list goes on, till you flunk out of the freshman year.

A recently conducted poll was based on such a theme, i.e., ‘What was more sarcastic about the first year in VSSUT?’, which earned the limelight as this is what everyone has gone through (this is what everyone has been fooled by all this long). The reaction derived by this survey got us to know that we are all big dreamers feeling proud. There is a narrow gap between ‘dream big’ and ‘expectations hurt’; a few belong there but for us, we are fortunate enough that we all made it to that point (cheers). The most number of votes is bagged by ‘VSSUT will be recognized as IIEST’; sure our responsible and dedicated authorities and even the  student body (obviously after it’s formed) will take care of it until then, we must keep this option as a constant for the rest of the upcoming years for mercilessly breaking thousands of hearts. The option that gained a little lesser votes than the previous one is about ‘VSSUT giving better placement opportunities than any other government college on Odisha’; congratulations to the voters! I think you don’t belong to any of the core branches! Welcome to VSSUT placement statistics 2016-17: core branches- well placed, rest- gone for higher studies. For the people who voted against ‘VSSUT will have a close campus of its own’ was it even sarcastic? By having a closed campus, we’ll be treated as caged, our freedom will be questioned! Lucky we, we have such concerned authorities who don’t want such a misery with their students. We should feel blessed. And the least voted sarcastic thing is ‘VSSUT has a Student Activity Centre’; none cares about it and so does the University. But wait, they should never be left upraised by the SAC; the cattle and street dogs, who are no more homeless as they live in harmony and peace (happy tears). Hence, we have generous hearts in VSSUT as well. SAC for students is too main stream as VSSUT also brings out talents and opportunities for the non humans as well (claps).

If you know some things won’t change and still believe it’s possible, you are not wrong. It just needs quality efforts and dedication. 

“A note to the freshers: the sarcasm is not to offend genuine feelings. VSSUT has produced certain immensely talented profiles and has gained a ton of achievements. So turn to the bright side and support the right thing!”

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