PRATIVA : Fostering Philanthropy

“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love”

                                                                                                    –Mother Teresa

The feeling of self satisfaction that comes when one sees the unshed tears of joy of the needy is, indeed, heavenly. Perhaps this is the reason why most of us want to make a difference but get stuck on the ‘how’ part. VSSUTian harbinger of goodwill and welfare, the ‘Sanskar Kendra’ has found a coherent way to gift the virtue of education to the less fortunate children of our neighborhood and make a difference. It was set in motion with a maxim to reach out the poor children residing in Kirba and Pani Tanki. Every year, the club organizes it’s annual fiesta, ‘PRATIVA’, which boasts uniqueness, creativity, passion and vibrance of the brilliant minds residing in the small huts of Burla.

On the eve of 07 April, 2018, Sanskar Kendra, hob nobbed ‘PRATIVA’ at Pani Tanki, where the children who attend classes conducted by this club, were invited. Our honourable Vice Chancellor, Atal Chaudhuri, the Dean, Students’ Welfare, Prof Debadutta Mishra and Prof. B. B Pati were the guests at the gleaming function. The program commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Chief Guest, followed by the guests sharing their experiences and  all the hardships they went through, to set up the club and imparting education to the less fortunates. In the midst of an eye catching illumination and scintillating lights, a welcome song was presented by the young singers on the stage. The Coordinator, Sanskar Kendra, presented the annual report mentioning the outstanding achievements of the club in increasing the pass percentage of the students. After this, the students witnessed a moment of pride and honour when the Chief Guest awarded students with academic excellence and full attendance. This was followed by students paying obeisance to ‘Maa Samaleshwari’ in the form of a dance. The rest of the dance performances on Bollywood hits evoked admiration and joy amongst all as they swayed their bodies to the rhythm of themusic. The children then showcased their acting skills by a drama, which portrayed heart touching scenes of their present conditions and how they wish to change it,followed by a series of breathtaking performances, which gave them their share of appreciation they deserved.

The beaming faces of the children told its own story.

“As the saying goes, ‘Happiness is multiplied when we spread it’, our heroes put together all their hearts to give these children few moments of joy and splendour, because not all superheroes wear capes…”


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