Poll Analysis : Should there be an extension in the in-time of girls in VSSUT?

Living in a city like Burla comes with its own terms and conditions, especially for girls. We are treated here with extreme caution and handled with care, for we are more than a nuclear bomb ready to explode. We are kept inside closed premises in secured facilities to prevent any kind of damage and with time, restrictions are imposed to maximum in times of crises, such as in winters. Once in a blue moon, we are allowed to exercise our freedom of expression during times of various cultural and technical fests. In a recent poll conducted about the in-time of girls, we saw varied opinions from all of us. Rather going into the section in which people voted for the option which got maximum votes, I would really thank the people for voting the ‘None of my concern’ option, because, of course, it brings out our inner emotions, after all. A few people were concerned about the safety, which is indeed a concern for us, but as long as everyone here in this place is as concerned as the authorities, instead of the thought of exploiting the situation, we are very much safe and sound. Majority of the people agreed that the girls should have an extension of in-times, which speaks for all of us. 

All that is asked for is very little, and we hope that this changes someday”…

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