INNOVA 2k18: Manufacturing Memories and Welding Bonds

On a lazy Sunday morning, when the world rested, VSSUT witnessed the historic union of ancient Science and modern Technology. Innova 2018, the annual two day tech fest of the Mechanical Engineering Department kick-started on 31 March 2018 with an opening ceremony held in the Mechanical Seminar Hall. The illuminating seminar on ‘Conditional Monitoring’ by the Chief Speaker of the event, Mr. J.K Mohanty, unleashed a wave of curiosity and passion among the listeners. What followed was the best example of an organised chaos, the department has ever seen. The registration desk was flooded with students wanting to catch the culprit in the fun event, ‘Murder Mystery’. After all the crazy running, baffling clues, wild guesses and cut-throat competition, the first round of the event ended with the discovery of the murder weapon and the place of murder. The first day of INNOVA 2018 ended on a photographic note with thousands of mechanical memories captured forever.

Day 2 in INNOVA 2018 was jam-packed with various technical events. ‘IDEATE’ provided a platform for all the students to showcase raw innovations in the form of presentations. In the ‘Save the Egg’, the participants had to protect the egg and their reputations from cracking, by designing parachutes for its safe landing.  ‘CATAPULT’ brought back childhood memories of plucking mangoes from trees by using a catapult and left everyone nostalgic. The participants couldn’t afford nostalgia and had to launch balls into a ring to secure the prize. ‘MECH QUIZ’ tested the fundamental academic concepts of the engineers and raised a bar a notch higher, as the participants competed against their fellow M. Tech students. Pick up a ball and put in the box. Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s not quite as easy to design a hydraulic crane to do the same as was required in the event ‘Hydraullic Arm’.

Amidst all the technical trials, ‘MUTE THE CHANNEL’ provided the necessary respite. The age-old game of dumb charades got a millennial twist, as along with movies and songs, memes also formed a part of the game. Everyone laughed on and with everyone and the lines between, juniors and seniors were blurred. The first half of the day ended in the best way it could, with lots and lots of delicious FOOD.

With happy minds and filled stomachs, the members of the Mechanical Engineering family gathered in the AVC to welcome their newest members. Beginning with Introductions and awarding of mementos, the evening slowly spiralled into a cultural extravaganza. The first year boys and girls lit the stage and everyone’s heart into fire with their swashbuckling performances. If first impressions are truly the last ones, these freshmen shall always be recognised as warriors.

The second day ended in a war, the exact similar way the second day of fests in this University do. ‘TUG of WAR’ saw freshers clash with pre-final years and emerge victorious. Sophomores, provoked by the first year victory, went to battle with the final years, but suffered a different fate. Concluding with the treasure of infinite memories and life-long bonds, this maybe was the only war in the institute’s history, in which everyone emerged as a winner.

This ride, fuelled by sweat, blood and tears was the most soothing journey in the year. As a break from the monotony of classes, it provided an ultimate escape. But, Mechanical Engineers returned to their daily lives in order to save the world. 

“Because, when we rest, the whole world rusts…”

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