Along the bickering banks of the river MAHANADI, amidst the subtropical and scented suburb of BURLA, the age old VSSUT hosted the most awaited Civil Engineering Tech Fest, STHAPNA 2018. Civil Engineering is nothing but  the art of directing and designing the great sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of mankind. The mission and vision the event was to trigger the creativity of a Civil Engineering student.

Day 1 of STHAPNA geared up on the 30th day of March 2018, beginning with an inauguration ceremony, hosted by the Civil Engineering teaching and non-teaching staff at the Sir Viswesvaraya Auditorium in the morning. Mr Jyotirmay Rath was the Chief Guest of the auspicious occasion. His words of wisdom definitely enlightened the gathering.

The basic work of an engineer is to have an ideal plan in mind and work accordingly. Students having inferential ideas on any problem related to a functioning society were keen to present their solutions. As a part of the competition, students were asked to exhibit their models for MODEL EXHIBITION that showcased their creative talents in the field of Civil Engineering.

STHAPNA 2018 witnessed its most amazing and astounding event, BRICK ARCH DESIGNING. This was an on-the-spot event where students with high interest in building structures were encouraged to take part in groups of 4 to 5. Raw materials including sand and bricks were provided in abundance and participants had to build a stable functioning arch. It was the main highlight of the fiesta as it turned up to see the most number of participants in it.

Day 1 also witnessed some fun events like the SELFIE HUNT. Participants were given hints about certain spots where they had to click and post their selfies. This game was full of frolic and filled the atmosphere with enormous energy.

Staying updated with the latest versions of your course and syllabus is always a booster for your career. CATECHIZE, the quizzing event hosted there, was a such platform. This revolutionary style of quiz included all aspects of Civil Engineering and was a check point to the students who wished to explore more on their subjects.


Day 2 began with a creative event, BRIDGE DESIGNING. “Everybody ponders how a simple steel design can link us between two stretches of land”. This concept of truss and elasticity added with its durability attracted creative engineers to build their dream model bridge using materials provided that would stand firmly on a strong base.

“A revolution seldom occurs due to wars, it can simply be acquired by paper and pen.” With this dictum, the organisers hosted a paper presentation event at the seminar hall where young minds expressed their fresh ideas on various topics related to Civil Engineering to bring about a positive change in the living conditions of a Civil Engineering society.

“Change is the only thing that remains constant”. To bring about a new change in  something, appropriate ideology and skills are required. And to bring out the best in a budding Civil Engineer, DEXTRITY, a home plan designing event was hosted. As the name suggests, it helped the participants to showcase their respective designs and imaginations in a geometric version.  It was a 2D visualization of a 3D model using appropriate software like AutoCAD.

The fest met its end with the prize distribution ceremony, felicitating the winners with cash prizes and certificates of merit. STHAPNA 2018 terminated as a well organised fest with enthusiasm and determination amongst an all new set of student coordinators, student volunteers and faculty advisors. It perceived a high competitive spirit among participants with strong determination who triumphantly included their achievements & accomplishments to their resumes. It attracted more than 100 registrations for this two day fest for 10 events. The fest descried a planned and organized quality of the best kind. All’s well that ends well; this Civil Engineering extravaganza came to a halt with a promise to be bigger and better in the forthcoming years.

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