Newly added members to any family always have to compromise and conform to the former rules and routines, the ones who deprive honor to even question their existence and the ones whose minds revolve around the question “Maybe I don’t belong here!”
Here’s to another heroic moment after ‘Evans tries an O level’, the Department of Information Technology has escaped itself from haunting questions about its existence and presence. Now to its new birth as a significant and self sustained member of the family, the Department of Information Technology worked head over heels to engrave its name in the history of its own. The new wing has marked its perk in the recent past.

To fly high along with other birds of the group, the reborn department took its first takeoff on 24 March 2018 as PRAJWALIT 1.0. This traversal took two days full of efforts, enthusiasm and euphoria. Each and every student of the department showed its complete dedication towards its first ever technical fiesta. Pupils worked day and night in the setup of the inauguration and orientation program of the department. The amateurs too worked under the guidelines of their mentors to make the fest hard to forget.

The first day of PRAJWALIT 1.0 hit the day with a warm welcome and orientation ceremony, followed by the speech delivery of the honorable Vice Chancellor, Chief Guest, Head of the Department, Information Technology, Faculty Advisor of the department and the coordinator. After the commencement of the formal session of the event, a guest lecture was conducted on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ which was successful enough to grasp the attention of the gathered mass. After gaining some theoretical information, it was time to put some knowledge into practice. Various coding and technical events were organised to quench the thirst of the coders and the techies. ‘Code Wars’ was the event that involved switch coding and debugging. ‘What The Hack 1.0’ was a web development competition. ‘Quiz Zone’ was a technical quiz competition. ‘Design Mania’ was a graphic design competition, which attracted maximum participants, not only from Information Technology, but also from other branches as well. ‘Paper Presentation’ on Data Science and ‘Machine Learning’ gave the opportunity to showcase technical expertise in the form of well integrated presentation.

The last event, ‘Robotics’, was for the students who were engrossed in robotics classes where they were taught to make bots and on the day of the event, they were provided with equipments to make bots of their own and also code their respective bots on their own. Next, there were prelims for gaming events like ‘FIFA’ and ‘Clash of Clans’ for gamers to attract a majority of the male crowd. Each and every event had handsome amount of cash prizes and certificates for the winners and the runners up. Day 1 met its end with the end of the main events.

Day 2 of PRAJWALIT 1.0 showcased the welcome ceremony of the freshers’ with a lot of pump and show. With dance and music, everyone seemed to enjoy the entertaining routine and couldn’t stop themselves form tapping to the beats of the music and groove to the songs. There must be a healthy relationship between students and the authorities for a department to function to its best, so such an event bridged the gap between one another. This extravaganza ended with a feast. At last but not the least, no fest is complete without ‘Embedded Hunt’, as it is that one event which is at the top notch in having the maximum participants. It kicked off with the quiz round, where students took part actively and then in the final round, participants ran, calculated, discussed, planned and made it till the end, thus helping to build up efficient team work. The closing ceremony marked the end of PRAJWALIT 1.0 which included prize distribution and closing speech by the dignitaries.

Hard work pays! Yes, the efforts made by each and everyone reflected in the execution of the grand event, PRAJWALIT 1.0. With the beginning of a new journey with some new promises and goals, the Department of Information Technology flapped its wings wide open and flew to the horizon of knowledge and achievements.

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