POLL ANALYSIS: Dual degree: An Underutilized or an Unnecessary add on?


The students of the B.Tech-M.Tech Dual Degree courses are like the first child in a family who is often told about his responsibilities but is deprived of love and care. The University promises them a pot of gold coins at the end of the rainbow, but the truth is well known to all. The ‘luckiest’ VSSUTians are shown alluring dreams of getting the two year course done in just one year, but their journey to the end is as grueling as approaching our professors for that extra mark to change grades.

While general students grumble about their never ending syllabus, those enrolled in this course have to bear the burden of a not-so-concise syllabus! To add on to the existing tragedy, the poll clearly states how concerned and sympathetic the other students are towards these less fortunate undergraduates suffering from acute identity crisis. A considerable 23% of the VSSUT populace reckon that the admissions to this course must be stopped to save some lives, the most insightful minds of the so called Alma Mater that belong to the 7% of the populace wish to scrap the course itself (silent claps, please!), while the rest question the extremity of the problem as well. Amidst all this, the only good thing is the season of placements.

They are the only people who have shields against the ‘placement hurricane’ as they aren’t allowed to sit  in pre-placements even when they are eligible, such a relief from all the hardships and mental anguish that their fellow batch mates would have to undergo.

Time will show how successful the first batch of taking up this course are, in their struggle for existence.

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