Silence Before Storm

You know what’s the best part of being in a democratic country? Yeah, the freedom of expression! The fundamental right to exercise our voice glands and speak up against any wrong doing, for any good cause, against any absolute absurdity or for anything seemingly logical. And then arrived a recent incident that led us to exercise our fundamental rights against the guardians of our very own VSSUT multiverse. Let’s take a peek-a-boo at the events that unfurled.

There is no denying the fact that amidst the stress of classes and co-curriculars, alike the thing everyone in an engineering college looks forward to is some cultural extravaganza. Same goes with the students of VSSUT and their love for VaSSaUnT. And this time around the aura of VaSSaUnT was already casting a spell on fellow VSSUTians until something really unfortunate struck like a bolt from the blue. A small fight between students took the garb of an instense gang war resulting in police intervention and things worsening. What followed gave all of us a jolt. A decision was made by the so called institute authorities to call off the last day of VaSSaUnT 2018. Democracy felt like dictatorship. And thus, began the story of our very own rebellion.

VSSUT has been dealing with a lot of problems regarding student facilities and many other issues. Students protested but all in vain. But this time, things had gone a little too offshore. No proper action was taken against those who were the culprits behind the chaos. Police deployment in the hostel campus made us feel as if we were prisoners in the Shawshank. Cancellation of the most awaited day of VaSSaUnT only added to our grief. And in addition to this, there were certain long standing issues which really needed to be addressed. Issues relating to formation of a student body to deal with the authorities. Limit on the in-time of girls preventing them from actively participating in club activities. No provision for providing attendance for those representing the varsity on various platforms. And many more such outlying conflicts. Thus, the young blood of VSSUT resorted to a plan.

The fine morning of the 14th day of March 2018 descried a large number of students out in the Sun peacefully protesting against the inefficient administration and reckless decision making calibre of the authorities. To prove the worth of all the blood and sweat put in by the members of the cultural association to make the University look as good as a newly-wed bride, to prove that a few students don’t define the institute, to prove that they could not preach injustice under the garb of the power they hold, to show how a cultural association could increase the face value of college manifold and most importantly, to teach them something that the IITs don’t, i.e., the value of culture.

And when there is such a strong will combined with such effort and perseverance, how could the result not have been in our favour. The authorities finally confided and agreed to rearrange the final day of VaSSaUnT and promised nonetheless to address all other outstanding matters with immediate effect. As they say, “All is well that ends well” (probably, till date)… Who knows, why there’s a silence before an incoming storm?

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