The Day The Sun Shone Brighter In VSSUT


Virtues. Vices. And VaSSaUnT… Embodying these words, the second day of this annual coming together of culturally enlightened and artistically inclined minds from various ‘technical’ colleges of the state, was a total rollercoaster ride for everyone involved. It began just like days do, with a promise for new adventures and life-changing experiences. And boy, did it deliver!


The Literary Society provided students with a platform to showcase their creative and linguistic talents through events such as ‘WORDMERISE’, ‘PICTURESQUEUE’ and ‘PIKACHU’. While ‘SPELL BEE’ tested participants’ knowledge of words, “SLAM POETRY” encouraged them to string those words together and express their heartbreak. AIPPM, the flagship event of the Literary Society concluded with all the parties vying for a progressive vision of a ‘UNIFORM CIVIL CODE’ across the nation and concluded with rewarding the best of all delegates.

Meanwhile, the hostels were at war, quizzically, for the time being. The ‘WAR OF HOSTELS’ hosted by QUIZINNE was, quite ironically, won by the non-hostellers team. The ‘Filmy Keeda’, a quiz by AVC, assessed the gossip quotient of all the movie buffs and made all of our movie-watching time worthwhile. EMOTICA, the Dramatics Club  gifted the students, the greatest gift of all: the stage. The storytellers, the stand-up comics, the improvisers, the dramatists, the mime artists and the audience enjoyed and cherished the gift in the form of various competitions including ‘Storytelling’, ‘HASSAUNT’, ‘MIME’ and  ‘LIGHTS ON’. The mono acting competition ‘PEHCHAN’ attracted more than 50 participants from various institutes to showcase their monodramatic skills.

As words conquered the stage, art filled all canvasses it could find with the brightest colors. In ‘ART-O-FACE’, faces became canvasses and ‘DESI DESIGNER’ hunted for the creators of fashion and trend. Along with these events, PIXELS, the Art and Photography Club also conducted an ‘ART WORKSHOP’ for the students to help the budding artists move a step closer to their dreams. The ‘ART EXHIBITION’ was the most beautiful assemblage of sheer talent the college had ever witnessed .‘VOICE OF VASSAUNT’, was a quest of the members of ‘SOULS’ to find and reward the voices that come from hearts and touch souls.

The fun quotient of the event was kept quite high by a plethora of amusing activities. ‘PAINT BALL’, ‘BODY ZORBING’, ‘TRAMPOLINE JUMPING’ and ‘TAG ARCHERY’ enabled people to use guns, shoot arrows and fly high, enough to make them feel like superheroes. ‘SILENT DJ’, the first of its kind in Odisha empowered people to dance to their own tunes without anyone listening. ‘SCAVENGER HUNT’ forced everyone to shed all the shrouds of shyness and let their crazy self out.

Amidst all this entertaining chaos, the stand up comedians climbed the ladder. ‘THE BHUBANESHWAR KOMEDIANS’ expressed their heartfelt love for ITER students and Bengali people, and the VSSUTians reciprocated. AKASH GUPTA, stole all the limelight, literally and figuratively, and made us cry with happiness. Everyone laughed till their bellies hurt and then, they laughed some more.

The cultural evening for day 2 was a feast for all the senses. Beginning with the awesome performances, the stage was already set for the night. Sohini Mishra’s melodious voice took people to higher dimensions of peace and happiness and all the ears fell in love. No one had worn dancing shoes and still the feet couldn’t stop grooving when SPUNK’s music echoed across the sky. Ignorance was certainly a bliss during these moments. The heavy metal hard rock music vibrated in the air, proving how magical the union of culture and technology really is.

The cultural association of this technical institute displayed beautifully how technology can aid culture and presented the innumerable ways in which culture inspires technology.  Everyone hoped for the night to never end or end just then, if it had to. But, sadly it didn’t…

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