VSSUT SAE, the official motorsports club of VSSUT BURLA recently won laurels after its constituents, the BAJA and the SUPRA teams concluded their respective participations in the BAJA-SAE and Formula Bharat events.


Team Veers Racing participated in BAJA-SAE INDIA conducted between the 25th day of January to the 28th day of January 2018 at NATRAX- PITHAMPUR. Continuing their legacy from the previously concluded Enduro Student India, they ended up being 15th amongst an overall of 100 teams proving their mettle out. Starting out at the 50th position at the start of the endurance race to ending up at the 8th position, IOKE VII carried forward the legacy of the Veers. With special mentions in the design and cost event as well, the Veers ended their journey for this year on a real high. In addition to this, the Beast was showcased during the recently concluded SAMAVESH techno-management fest of our institute. And what could be better than seeing your efforts being appreciated by everyone? Kudos to the entire team, because at the end of the day all it comes down to the dedication and perseverance of the team members. Many more IOKEs will be built, many races will be won, a lot many tracks will be conquered but IOKE VII will remain a legend in the golden books of TEAM VEERSS RACING.


The VEERRACERSS, the official SupraSAE club of the institute, went on field to have their show of strength at the KARI MOTOR SPEEDWAY at Coimbatore in the renowned FORMULA BHARAT event. What can be more satisfying than seeing your Beast and other beautifully crafted vehicles coming forward to display their rising spirits? In addition to this, nothing could in this world match the thrill and excitement of vehicles flying around you at humongous speeds and their drivers displaying some tremendous  professionalisms on a track full of hurdles. Some serious scrutinies, some tough testings and the VEERRACERSS were remdered a rank of 15th in the design event and 25th in the cost event among a total of 90 teams- something to be really proud of, keeping in mind the level of the competition amongst the teams. Ventus 4.0, our own rage on the road ended up being judged as the 2nd best team in Odisha after HERMES of KIIT UNIVERSITY leaving behind  the lines of NIT ROURKELA and CET BHUBANESHWAR. Credit for this goes to the entire team led by Captain Raunak Panda, who is a walking automobile dictionary himself. The event has been a great learning curve for the newbies and gave the sense of how much is left to achieve and how much more is left to be done. There are still miles to go and legacies to create. VENTUS 4.0 was also displayed at SAMAVESH and it took a good ride throughout the institute before being admired and praised by old and young alike. The journey of VENTUS has been a rough one for the VEERRACERSS but they are sure enough to triumph in the events to come.


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