Techno-management fest is that enormous event which students wait for as apart from fun and frolic, it offers a platform for the students to exhibit their talents. The fest is also an acid test of some students’ managerial skills, as well as the flexibility in decision making of the authorities. SAMAVESH 2K18 was just the perfect convolution of fun and talent. VSSUT, Burla witnessed a two day successful techno-management fest which was well executed on the 10th and 11th days of February.

This SAMAVESH, two major events were organized for the very first time in our University. The most notable ‘MAKER FEST’, was the Eastern India’s largest extravaganza & tech expo and the very amazing ‘INTERSHIP FAIR 1.0’, bridged gaps between students and startups.

MAKER FEST: With much anticipation and undertaking, this mega event, in association with Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation, was put up under the maker space partnership of Karkhana Sudolearn Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This huge event was brought up to celebrate and encourage the upcoming innovators and artists. Creators, artists and hobbyists all across the state were invited to present their contemporary applications of ideas using the vast ocean of art, Science and Technology. Participants from far and near came up to showcase their productive works even to witness other talent heads. Maker Fest had been a golden platform for the brightest and the most creative minds because investors from Startup India analyzed and examined each pavilion and the most fortunately talented ones got on-spot funds by the team.

The registration and confirmation was done online. Around 20 avant-garde were invited to the institute on 10 February 2018 along with their ingenious products. Participants ranged from school students to adults, linked by two very beautiful things, i.e., passion and dedication towards their own work field. There were coders, hackers, sand artists, painters, nano artists, innovators and even world record holders, all gathered to display their work pieces.

Our institution had invited school students from all round the Sambalpur district to be a part of the agendas, in order to encourage them from the root level itself. Many schools displayed positive replies, got their eyes lay pupils on many of the most successful ideas and creations of the state. Students of our institute likewise showed great interest in questioning and also appraised the makers. Some of the works that were presented during Maker Fest were the sand art, nano art, a technique to eradicate conventional weaving method, LED T-shirt, low cost appliances like 3D printer, phone stand, etc, inventions like sound sensors to turn on and off devices and many bots were brought to view, splendid paintings and masterpieces. A world record holder had also hit the arena to showcase the largest remote in the planet. This dynamic event was greatly appreciated by all the students, faculty members, deans and even the guests invited for the occasion.

INTERNSHIP FAIR 1.0: Another big event was out, this SAMAVESH for the first time and turned out to be at the top of the ladder and gained admiration and appreciation from all the students, faculties and guests. Internship fair 1.0 was organised by the EDP Entrepreneurship Cell of the University. The base idea behind such an event was to provide paid internships to our students and also help the upcoming or the well established startups both at the same time. So this event came into being! Why go anywhere if the companies come to you?

This grand event became the talk of the University after the promotions were made regarding the act because everyone is looking for internships and this was the right place to enroll because the companies themselves came up to hire the best out of waste.

Some of the successfully set startup companies showed their interests in hiring and providing internships to students who are totally dedicated for the company. The companies which popped in were Afixi technologies, TJ Tyres, SlickAccount, Orbo Care, Flyingedge, OvoTees and many more. These companies’ motives were to train and hire interns and also to help their company to reach unprecedented heights. So, some of the companies had already shortlisted their requirements. The requirements which they wished were a prior knowledge of any of the followings: digital marketing, app and web development, content development, content writing, business development, graphics design, video animation, embedded system or coders who know different languages such as Java, Python, PHP, etc. There was a huge response from all the students who wanted to go for internships and gain wisdom. Moreover, ‘paid internship’ was the icing on the cake.

The founder and co-founders of each company arrived on the 10 February 2018 and conducted a demo interview for the interested students. Keen undergraduates had to first register and fill their resumes. Then, they were sent for interviews according to their field of interests to the companies, where they were simply asked about the topics they are good at. They were then asked to register themselves at the company’s registration site and were assured a mail from the company regarding their internship.

Overall 100+ students were offered internship which is a great kickoff and was undoubtedly a blooming event of the EDP cell. Not only it helped the pupils but also the companies by hiring talented interns that will definitely benefit their own team. Such perks are highly expected in the coming years.

These two events happened to be the top-notch of SAMAVESH 2K18. Team ViSSion congratulates the entire organising committee for bringing the institute such exhilarating and high-pounding events for the first time to help the techno-management fiesta of the institute reach impeccable levels.

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