With every new branch mushrooming in VSSUT and each one of them trying to host their respective branch fests, the ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION department stands high hosting its mega branch fest ‘TECHTRONIX’, conducted, organised and we’ll  executed the 27th and 28th days of January 2018 in the University premises.

The event started with an introductory speech by the Assistant Secretary of the department followed by the educative speeches delivered by esteemed guests and professors. The technical events included PAPYRUS, which was a paper presentation event based on cutting edge technologies. AUTOMATION was another such event, all about automatic robots. CIRCUIT PRO, a truly technical event described a number of participants writing a program within the stipulated time. A special event was prepared for the new buds of ETC department, i.e., SMASH-D-BUG,  where they were provided with a bugged circuit and were asked to debug it. Designers were not left behind-  A fun and interactive circuit designing event, named ELECTROMAZE was held too. Gamers had a gala time as well in the PRO MASTERS event, which served them the delicacies of Clash of Clans and Mini Militia.

Apart from the acute fun and technical events, a very interesting seminar was held on IoT- Internet of  Things, which was a cherry on cake for this branch fest.

The two day event came to a near end with a lot of events, fun and food. The winners of the events were given certificates and a vote of thanks speech was delivered, bringing the whole programme to a memorable end.

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