26th of January, as we all know, is the day that holds utmost significance in the history of Indian democracy; since on this day, 68 years ago, the Constitution of India came into force as the governing document of India. This special day is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in various educational institutes all across the nation. The gala kicks off with the unfurling of the Tricolor, immediately followed by the National Anthem. The latter part of the ceremony usually consists of parade of troops and cultural events. As already mentioned, this festive day is celebrated throughout the country, and being a part of VSSUT, it’s Team ViSSion’s sincere duty to present to you the celebration of the 69th Republic Day in the University.

The advent of this auspicious day filled the hearts of all VSSUTians with pride and patriotism. The 69th Republic Day was celebrated with a lot of pep and spirit in the VSSUT campus . The National Flag was hoisted high by the hon’ble Vice Chancellor and it waved gloriously in the dawn sky as the tunes of ‘Jana Gana Mana’ echoed in the campus. The National Cadet Corps marched into parade majestically paying their respect to the Flag.  It was also celebrated in all the Halls of Residences. The hostels were cleaned and the boarders gathered outside for the hoisting of the Tricolor. Shortly after that, the National Anthem was played and everyone stood and paid their respect. The wardens of the respective Halls of Residences did the honour of hoisting the flag, and then snacks and sweets were distributed among the students as a mark of celebration. The young, but talented kids of Sanskar Kendra were not left behind when it came to showing enthusiasm on this auspicious day, as well. The students who are a part of Sanskar Kendra conducted a lot of competitions for these kids which included greeting card making, mental ability, word puzzles and many more.

The day lifted up spirits and filled the hearts with a unifying feeling, called ‘patriotism’. The celebrations of the 69th Republic Day took place with great ardour. The pepped up energies of all the students of this University would be waiting eagerly for the next year and would be looking forward to make the next Republic Day celebration greater and grander.

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