By Pratikshya Mohanty and Sonali Suchismita


The sporting extravaganza of the college started off with a gallant show on 11 November 2017. The two day fest paved way for the budding sportsmen to showcase their talent.

The day began with lighting of the torch, followed by the opening ceremony.

The inaugural song and the musical performances embraced the occasion with enthusiasm and perkiness among the competitors. The oath and the flag hoisting marked the beginning of the sports meet

Track events such as 100m, 400m for both boys as well as girls were conducted in the first half of the day. The three legged race resulted in drawing quite a crowd. Field events like javelline throw and long jump were organized before the lunch break.

Moreover, the eve of day one was rather scintillated by cognisant intellects in the event of Sports Quiz, organised by the Quizzine Club of the varsity.

But, the real thrill began after lunch hours, when boys and girls flaunted their skills in teams in the respective games of Kho Kho and Kabaddi.

The ground was filled with spectators waving and screaming cheers at each enthralling move of the players. The place was in high spirits with everyone celebrating their favorite teams’ gameplay. Students mellowed out at the food stalls and rejoiced in the enchanting and quite exciting atmosphere.

The following day was sportier than day one. The crowd was excited because it was the deciding day as well. The ceremony raced from the morning with the sneak peek of the karate fights. Boys and the girls were mustered up with their individual karate strategies. The karate kids knuckled their opponents down, with the best of themselves to win the fight.

Succeeding the fight was the relay race among all the four years. Participants galloped the track by passing on the stake to their corresponding teammates and the pre-final years finished to the end first. There was a humongous participation for the Surya Namaskar and Yogasan competition too, conducted by the Yoga club of VSSUT. The students showcased their stamina and ability by forming various beautiful yoga pyramids and postures on the ground.

The kho-kho and kabaddi finals streamed onto the field, gathering a lot of spectators around the arena. The team events were speculative and loud thumps of claps were audible from every corner of the ground.

The fest eve was illuminated with the gracious presence of the Chief Guest Dr. Anandini Darjee and other dignitaries. The closing ceremony began with students assembling on the field and the luminaries sharing their greatest words of wisdom. The lively speech by the coordinator of ILLUMINA Abhijit Mishra invigorated the nerves of the gathering with racketing cheers and echoes.  

The ceremony sparked up as trophies and medals were distributed to the winners and teams for their noteworthy performances.

The ground was filled with booming applauds for each winner performing better than the challenge itself. Debashish Lenka and Tikli Singh positioned themselves upon the flamboyant victory stand as the boys’ and girls’ champions respectively of this annual athletic meet.

ILLUMINA 2k18 crossed the final lap with lots of zeal to zenith and zeal for zenith along with a hope that apt caliber ensconced in the veins of a performer is the only key to the pinnacles above all non-illiminating hardships!!!

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