By Saikrishna Rout and Bishal Misra

Hello freshmen!

It’s been a few months since you stepped into this university. And maybe you wonder there’s
nothing special about this place. However, there are lots of places to explore in this beautiful town of Burla. This article lists down the most important places for a VSSUTian to chill and thrill in and around the campus which include hangout spots, markets and many more. So let’s get started…

  1. Hirakud Dam: We think of Burla, our minds can’t escape the very thoughts of the gigantic and the most famous Hirakud Dam. The longest earthen dam of India is located just 7 kilometers away from the VSSUT campus. This place presents a scenic view of Burla as it is surrounded by hills on one side and by the river Mahanadi on the other. The Jawahar Minar provides a beautiful sight of the dam. Places like Zero Point and Right Dyke add to the sublime beauty of the place. The serenity of this place helps VSSUTians to relax and enjoy the day, far off from the hectic schedule of the college life.
  2. Burla Market: Just 2.5 kilometers away from the campus, the very famous Burla market has almost everything that a student or a family might feel necessary of. From ice-parlors to stationary stores and from fast food stalls to restaurants like Lazziz and Kedia’s, the Burla market takes care of almost everything essential for the VSSUTians to survive. Although this market isn’t big enough, it has got it’s own charm. But more than anything else, this place is important because if it hadn’t existed, we all had to travel to Sambalpur almost every other day adding exhaustion and expense to our pockets.
  3. VIMSAR: Apart from VSSUT, Burla also homes one of the oldest medical colleges in Odisha: Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (VIMSAR). These two institutes share the same main road situated at a distance of a few kilometers apart. VIMSAR’s night canteen deserves a mention because it’s deliciously awesome! Also, when VSSUT folks don’t have enough grounds, VIMSAR ground is the place that provides them space to play their sports.
  4. Hirakud Station: This railway station is the closest railway station to VSSUT campus, merely two kilometers apart. This train station is a relief to all those students coming from far off places like Bhubaneswar or Rourkela. Thanks to this station, students don’t need to travel all the way to Sambalpur to board a train. Since the trains are cheaper than buses, Hirakud railway station is place of utmost significance.
  5. Kirba Chowk: It would be unfair not to mention Kirba Chowk while listing all the important places of Burla. Every day after the classes, a cluster folks in almost all the shops of Kirba Chowk is like a crazy swarm in the hive. For fast food lovers, places like ‘Swarup’, ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’, etc are a kingdom come. For those who love ice-creams and cold coffee (mostly couples) there are shops like ‘Spice n Ice’, ‘Kafeanna’ and ‘Sahu Juice Centre’. There’re also restaurants like ‘Shreeya’ and ‘Spicy Affairs’ that are a savior on Mondays and Thursdays because of the Hostels’ “special” food. Bakery shops like ‘Eat n Treat’ and road- side vendors of cool delights are a mouth-watering altar. Kirba Chowk epitomizes an importance to fast food, snacks and the evening time not only for VSSUTians, but also for the VIMSARites.
  6. Kalia: Who wouldn’t love a peaceful hangout place after all the beauties that you got to address throughout the day? Have your evening snacks at the most famous ‘Kalia’ and head to your ultimate destination for evening gossips savouring a cup of cold coffee or other drinks. Savour a cup of Bourn Vita or Horlicks and have a sip of your childhood too. Addition to this, begin a new friendship with the very own Mantu and watch him as he rules the hearts.
  7. E-learning Centre: An architectural marvel, one of the best structures that one can find the University, inaugurated in March 2017 during the Global Alumni Meet the E-learning centre was designed to be a student activity centre (SAC) but has successfully become an evening hangout hub till date! More accurately known as the Biju Pattnaik E-learning centre, it happened to be the Golden Jubilee project of the University. Today, it’s a place where Pixels-the official art and photography club of VSSUT enjoys the scenic serene and its sublime compositions.
  8. PC Bridge: Love long walks? Then we got the perfect place for you. Connecting the small town Burla to the NH, this bridge provides one of the best views of sunrise and sunset upon river Mahanadi flowing beside the very beautiful MCL headquarters. Going alongside the bridge is a railway track giving you opportunities to wave at the passers-by and have some great fun. Pavements on the sides help to have an enchanting view of Burla on one side and Siphon on the other which is sure to generate goose bumps.
  9. Siphon: The official death end of Burla. Innumerable unfortunate incidents have taken place at this particular place. What generally attracts people or students in general is the fact that this place has an aura of solace and peace around it. The mesmerizing view of the running water is a treat to the eyes. But again the adrenaline rush that the water flow provides has been one of the major causes of accidents. Totally unadvisable but it’s a place really worth visiting.
  10. Planetarium: Being the education hub of Western Odisha, Burla accounts for a place like the Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Science Park and Planetarium. Spread over an area of two acres the construction was started by IDCO in May 2014. It has a capacity to accommodate 140 odd visitors at one time. Well equipped with 86 gadgets, the Science Park, just beside the planetarium, remains open till 5 pm in the evening and worth visiting to have a good evening time.

Listed above are certain selected places one can visit probably daily or rather regularly to
maintain peace of mind and the body. Being a VSSUTian in itself entails the need for stress-busters and ‘Team ViSSion’ presents the best at walkable distances for the freshmen!

Maybe your perception of the place has some varied views, but be assured this place and the
atmosphere in and around it is going to offer you some of the best moments of your life because at the end of the day, time truly seizes at ecstatic moments and monument…


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