Yet ethically recognized and celebrated as the festival of lights, Diwali has remained one of the most favorite festivals of especially the college students all across the nation. The festive vibes had already begun to fragment the small town atmosphere of Burla until a piece of paper was stuck on the notice board of all the halls of residences of VSSUT.

Once upon a time in these halls of residences, there was glory, glamour and grandeur, unlike today when it’s like grief in a graveyard. Preparations for Diwali in the hostel premises to illuminate the respective halls of residences with dazzle and brilliance few days before Diwali happened to be just the beginning of a very grand celebration and fun! The hostel floors decorated with ‘rangolis’ and different colored festive lights which adorned the hostels, left the perceivers’ eyes into an exciting bamboozlement. Further, the hall of residence for the best design of rangoli and decoration of lights on the basis of a particular theme was awarded. This competition used to be both healthy as well as interactive. Students used to involve in bearing the brunt of hostel responsibilities to win this ‘so called’ Diwali Battle. Girls used to be far more dedicated towards their looks in their newly purchased ethnic wears. Delicacies like an enchanting treat to the taste buds of the hostel boarders added a cherry to the pie. Hostel wars and fire crackers with the least pollution exposed to the atmosphere added memories to the diaries of boys upon the hostel roofs. With dynamic dynamite moments stuck in the arteries and ventricles, students used to enjoy Diwali with the best of bliss and fun and waited eagerly for the following year to multiply that fun and bear these memories till eternity. However, VSSUT has always contributed more than enough to lessen enjoyment, sadden the pupils and deaden fun because this Diwali, there’s no more fun. It has become more or less like a pun.

Few days back, there was a notice upon the notice board of every hostel with an order to celebrate ‘Happy Diwali’ with minimal celebration. Ever heard of annihilation? Well, it comes with an alas and exits with a damn! This is exactly what happened to our Diwali celebration this time. Minimal celebration includes no competition between the design of rangolis and decoration of lights of various halls of residences and of course, the expensive ethnic fashion for girls and the fire crackers for boys sing ballads of a devastated desideratum, today. The slicing of Diwali budget has successfully funded fake fun to all the halls of residences. The reasons are still unknown but sources have spoken aloud that this year, VSSUT wishes to ameliorate the extent of celebrating pollution free Diwali and save a lot of pennies for charitable donations or for further events and developments in the college. This very thought in itself is a killer. The conversion of thrill and zeal into forgotten sands that too in Diwali has behaved like a football unable to reach the goalpost for the students, who waited for so long and then, the expected fun got drowned within the boundaries of a small piece of paper with the university stamp. Everyone is miles away from the brightest light. However, the university has planned to minimize pollution and poverty in Burla to a definite extent, unaware of the fact that its decision has minimized the population of students in the hostels, who believe they can celebrate a better Diwali staying at homes.

Well, what if the money is donated to the orphanages and they utilize the same money to purchase crackers and celebrate Diwali? Doesn’t that count? What about the residing population of Burla? Are they going to minimize their celebrations too? It’s quite a thought that the rangoli colors and festive lights in Diwali are more expensive than the inefficient cow catchers before the hostel and university gates…

Anyway, Team VISSION wishes everyone a terribly dank Diwali abiding by the latest regulating principles of the university, for the university. The satire is to bring smiles on the various faces of expectations and realities and not to maul down the very interesting legacy of the university. There could be several possible reasons to minimize the celebration expenses, which none is aware of. A coin has both a head and a tail. No matter what we expect, we’re all slaves of probabilities. Meet the new change. Meet the new constant!!!

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