Ever felt like you’re standing right at the vortex of a cataclysmic hurricane and you have a plan to not fly off? Well, that hurricane is the life of an engineering disciple. Born with the dictum that once the basics are cleared, the rest of the path is free from fire, you struggle to reach the finish line of that blazing bridge and then you suddenly realise that alas, that was just one of the petals of rafflesia, you accidentally tried to step on. And then begins the parasitic journey to an abyss. The matriculations, the boards, the entrances and then the conjuring of engineering. By the end of the grand finale, you realise that no matter how damn you dive, the ocean is divine. This leads to trauma and you can clearly see the obscure black sky right in front of you, and of course, without the scintillating stars! The placement season is a living instance that has been successful in portraying itself as the father of you, the Samuel.

Whispers in the dark make the adrenaline rush through the valves of endless discomfort, crawling underneath the chest and the heartbeat to beat the heat of this season. It takes just one moment of elation to realise that we’re the students of VSSUT, Burla but more than a thousand memories of indistinct job insecurity, the very first day of engineering itself. The nights go on, waiting for the ray of hope to hit the magazines of such mesmerising memories. And then these nights transcend and days pass by. Classes are just for attendance, hostels just for fun. But, the reality and essence of life is realised in the pre-final years. The wait is almost about to end and grade points ready to roll. We don’t even realise that the hurricane has already begun to conquer the friction beneath our feet. This time, we feel like carrying the best dictionary with us that consists of the truest meaning of “PREPARATION”!

Addition and multiplication of stars in the curriculum vitae begins with the publishing of at least one research paper in a known technical journal before sitting for the campus placement. This not only makes us thorough about the respective field of interest, but also extends a hand of cooperation to incinerate fear and instigate zeal in our guts. Certain companies demand an awesome physique. The pre-final year perceives an abrupt and gradual intake of gymnasium inmates. IT companies are considered to be the messiah of recruitment. Hence, being the best in at least one of the programming languages aids a ruptured enigma and unveils the ensconced talent. Sophomore and pre-final year vacations elucidate vulnerabilities of some and passions of many. Getting an internship under an IIT professor, both through an influencing reference or a crystal charisma ameliorates skills and abilities and pours droplets of technical experiences into the ocean of resume. The less fortunate ones tend to refrain their locomotion from IITs and end up pursuing vocational training from renowned corporations. But the trauma still persists as long as our heat to beat the hurricane doesn’t cool down. Every engineer is well aware of the final year projects. But perfection and quintessential execution are the bullets that hit damn hard right at the bull’s eye of an early implementation. So, if one has already worked on a separate project under a revered professor of apt repute, an insignia of assurance that personifies impressed HR of core companies, is like getting a blank signed cheque on the road to success. Patrons and idols in LinkedIn have always suggested us to humour the very foundation of our vocabulary and logical reasoning skills. This legendary inspiration epitomises a bulk of basic grammar and abstract reasoning skills in our cerebrum. Many conflagrating intellects try blazing the aptitude papers, either online or offline to tuck the best of their desideratum around the altars of excellence. The competition is tough, the intelligent reading tougher! First year teaches us communication skills, language lab rehearses the personal interview and the second year makes us learn an organised way of behaving. It’s like even the initial days of engineering had already begun to compel our tormented soul to leave the cemetery of remorse and purge the lacunas in us, just to make us aware of the hurricane. Finally, the so called act of forgraithing comes to a halt at the doorsteps of technical knowledge regarding the branch subjects. This is the best part where we’re thrust away from the vortex of the hurricane and find a utopia to rest, and we find none.

This is the life of every such poor soul wailing for an aid to disembowel the trauma from the inside and combat the fear of placements. There was a time when VSSUTians woke up every morning in their hostel rooms with a fearless face free from the fiends of future. But today, the very thought of the same future drives a dagger into the desires of common students. This institute was founded on the basics of several genius minds. Today’s generation means to protect the same legacy. But, the lack of confidence and facilities distorts dreams and shatters the Superman in its spirit. We spend a lot of our concentration on the bigger clauses and forget to focus on the smaller deals of this engineering life, which might have constructive regards to be conveyed by the end of the graduation days. We come across as meagre dreamers, a balloon full of zeal and dreams. And the most fascinating of all is, we don’t understand how fast time converts our dreams into recurring nightmares…

ViSSion wishes the very best of luck to all those who had such dreams in the first year and today have changed mindsets because today they’re not standing at the horizon masquerading their bygones, today they’re busy planning ways to resist the strike. This strike is a camouflage of mixed preparations and a nightmare of placements. This strike is louder than a freight train and heavy as a hurricane!


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