Jack Of All Trades, Master of All : In Conversation With Tadasa Tanwi

Team Vission recently got in talks with, Tadasa Tanwi, the jack of all trades and master of them all. A graduate of Class of 2017 at VSSUT  she shares some tid-bits in this catch-up interview

Team Vission: So four years at VSSUT! A joyous ride or a struggle to having reached there?

Tadasa: Looking back at anything makes the lines between the struggle and joy hazy; and everything that then made absolutely no sense whatsoever, seems to have a path, a pattern to it. But, VSSUT has definitely given me the four most fruitful years of my life. I learnt lessons, I found friends, love, passion, and an amazing source of inspiration in the students and the teachers. I was not the brightest Electrical engineer (the faculty will vouch for that), I struggled, I cried, I tried. It was Kalia ka cold coffee, sweat and tears.

Team Vission : Be it the Pixels Art Gallery or the Instagram. “Tadasa-art” has mesmerized many! Any inspiration towards such creativity?

Tadasa: Art is something I have always been passionate about. Inspirations were many. My dad and my grandmother, both have been really good at it. Also, my seniors, my juniors and my beloved friends have taught me a lot

Team Vission: You came out with flying colours in both CAT and GRE. Tell us something about your preparations. What tips and tricks would you like to share with the aspirants applying for the same?

Tadasa: I’d take this statement with a big pinch of salt. There are so many people out there who are way more qualified to tell you about it. Honestly, most of my prep came along just because I had amazing friends who pushed me to work really hard.

As for tips and tricks, they are rather subjective. They’d be different for me and the guy who scored a 99.8, or the guy with 99.49 or any decent percentile for that matter. All I can say is one needs to persevere and never give up. A lot of people are going to tell you marks don‘t matter, that the one page CV does not define you and that this is a rat race. But you have to know that these people have already run the race and won, so they can say whatever they want. You still have a long way to go. So, work hard, step out of your comfort zone and make sure you are great at whatever you do. ‘Bhed mat bano, bhediya bano.’

Having said that, don’t let bad results discourage you. This is first thing I learnt in business school. The head of Russel Reynolds Associates told us, ‘A good CEO is not one who can tell us what he did right, he is one who can tell five things he did not do in order to succeed.’

Team Vission: You also swiftly made your way into MARUTI selections too. Please tell us about how it came through?

Tadasa : Maruti Suzuki was something very uncharacteristic if you consider my overall profile. The written round was equally tough for everyone. I guess I carved my edge in the aptitude section. As for the HR presentation and interview, they were fairly tough. One tip, be honest. Do not try to be someone you are not. Do not guess answers when you don’t know.

Team Vission: You finally decided to go for FMS, Delhi. Why FMS and how tough or easy was it to choose FMS among various other options you had?

Tadasa: See, I did not have A or B calls and I did not get waitlisted for C. So, the choice was pretty simple. I converted Lucknow, Indore, NITIE, IIFT and new IIMs. FMS was my best call. Now that I am here, if I’d known, I’d have chosen FMS even if I had gotten in to Cal (there are 100 percentilers and people who’ve left A, B and C admits in my batch here). Also, being a part of the Delhi University is a whole different experience all together.

Team Vission :You recently had problems attaining the provisional degree from the college. Every other day our students face some or other situations like that. According to you who is to be blamed for such mis-managements and handlings?

Tadasa : I’d rather not talk about it. Remove this question.

Team Vission :These four years have made you witness the best and the worst that this place offers. Tell us one thing in particular that you would like to change about VSSUT or Burla immediately?

Tadasa : Best thing: The senior junior bonding (You should but your best foot forward first! )

What I’d really change is the way people look at non-technical courses in the university. Also I wish everyone was a little more aware about colleges and courses

Team Vission : You were critically involved with your juniors at all times and had helped them sway through in almost every space. What made you have such a friend-like bonding with your juniors? Would you intend to stay in touch with them in the time to come?

Tadasa: Honestly, I think I have more juniors as friends than batchmates, same with seniors. Yes, I want to stay in touch, but MBA is hectic. But I really try to get back to people. If anyone needs help, feel free to text me on whatsapp/ drop me a mail. I don’t check Facebook messenger.

Team Vission : What piece of advice would you like to give to the working members of The Vission and Pixels? Would you continue to guide them in the time to come and follow their works?

Tadasa: Pixels, yes, of course. This was my family in college. I’m always there for any sort of help I can provide. ViSSion, I guess there are people way more qualified for that.

Team Vission: And finally, what is that one thing which you are going to miss the most about VSSUT?

Tadasa : The Electrical Department, Pixels, ViSSion, Gyaandhaara, Sunny bhaiyya, Kalia, Juniors, Friends, teachers, Biswal sir, everything!


Team Vission wishes Tadasa Tanwi all the luck for all the future endeavours she takes up.



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