“March is the new May!”… This is what they did say, when scorch of the summer went astray, leaving everyone in ample dismay, with clouds above just white and grey. All we can do is just pray, lest the sun shall make our Vitamin-D its prey. Even the Banyan trees gave up on being the shady plots to lay. And as far as VSSUTians are concerned, they see an ice cream parlour, the thrust in their thirst says, “Yay!”. The darkest hours of nights have remained the only time horizon for them to play. Cold drinks outside the mess and coolers inside are the only hope’s ray. Here are some heralding costs that each VSSUTian in summers has to pay:

  • Powerless: Power cuts have been in the very tradition of VSSUT, since it was transmogrified from the UCE. Winter seasons, when less or almost no current is required, there exists an uninterrupted supply of power 24×7, whereas, summers somehow very personally invite the frequent power cuts, not only in hostels, but also during college hours. Sometimes, it feels pretty worthless to pay the hostel fees due to the blast furnaces (hostel rooms), they provide us with. You go to the college soon with the hope that there could be current; you come to the hostel with the same hope back. The scenario gets worse when the nights go on, waiting for the fan to rotate, for just once, till we’re asleep.
  • Mosquito Malediction: VSSUT hostels have been a constant and perhaps the most favourite food court and rest places for Anopheles and Aedes. They contribute a lot in deducting our attendances from registers. Maybe everything seems fixed, when middle of the nights enjoy a power cut and nightmares of mosquitoes embrace the surface of our skins. Eardrums listen better to mosquito violins than the creepy cricket’s noise. Hats off to the survivors, and for every fresher, the fun in pun has just begun.
  • High Voltage: Well, it’s merely a myth! Each one of us is highly aware of the highest possible voltage VSSUT can provide to the college as well as its hostels. To beat the heat, VSSUT’s intellectuals run errands to arrange one simple cooler at least in each room. Hell with voltage that makes us believe the worthlessness of wasting a behemoth of Rupees on almost nothing. Some 9 pointers of EE branch are so talented that they can even calculate the angular velocity of the fan’s rotation by just looking at it, during summers specifically. Anyway, Burla is proud of the Hirakud Dam: apologies for this important point that should have been mentioned earlier!
  • Rush Hour: Like a rat in a trap, VSSUTians are also embraced by a desideratum ensconced in their cerebrum to race their feet and grab a cooler or the fastest rotating table fan or stand fan or all the above. Marketing business runs real bad and worse sometimes during summers.’ They’ do know well that this is what they came for. Hence, ‘price hike’ is like a pearl in the oyster, leaving the new comers to come and go with unexpected nostalgia and sometimes barehanded. This is the rush and need of each hour for each fresher and sophomore, specially.
  • Water Warlock: The menace of this furnace is further added by the ace of all struggles to surface the preface of tap water at an appreciable pace as the base of a thirsty space in the throats of VSSUTians, residing basically in hostels. Summers arrive with the departure of water from taps and aquaguards in hostels, still we smile being proud of our alma mater. If we keep aside the satire, critics too believe that it would be a spit on humanity, if the thirst of every surrounding being isn’t quenched, that too in this year’s heat. If every calamity is inter-related, a disaster takes birth and this is a jeopardy to the health of students. The cataclysmic hurricanes arise near the scenery of frequent power cuts, that, in turn, puts the water motors into halt, that, in turn, results into water scarcity in hostels(Not to mention the water tanks, which were last cleaned on the 10th day of ‘never’ 2017). Once it was believed that Burla is surrounded by river Mahanadi.
  • Fault In Our Scars: Electricity does give shocks, when used improperly or played with to showcase a publicity stunt. What exactly is the reason behind the improper functioning of water coolers and purifiers, that too in the exact month of March, all of a sudden and out of nowhere? Results collected out of the studies conducted in the college as well as several hostels reveal that around 40% of the water purifiers behave like a dummy most of the time, 30% don’t release chilled water out of the chilled water tap in the purifiers, 20% of them release water with colour and odour due to contamination with dirt in the storage and the rest 10% work absolutely fine, but, are not feasible so soon all the time. Summers play a bid bad game and the queue sometimes never ends before those 10% of water purifiers.
  • Webbed: LAN or WiFi connection remains the only last hope, at the end of the day that somehow lessens the pain endured by every VSSUTian, if at all every other amenity is not taken into consideration so seriously. Once you take the upload and download speed from a tech lead or gaming geek, it’s like a living corpse walking freaking dead on the streets of Burla, with literally a broken heart, empty stomach, thirsty throat and die hard reasons to believe that engineering really is a taste of sweet chilly.

The motive of every satire is not just to make fun of an existing authority. No matter where we live, struggle is a part of it and never apart from it. VSSUT is founded on the scintillating gemstones of pride, honour, valour, vigour and dignity. The hostel or college conditions, no matter how harsh is the weather, no matter how hard is the feather, shall not remain intact. It’s the incarnation of an urge from each expecting heart, anticipating soul and intellectual mindset that a change needs to be based upon the cosiness of its disciples, keeping in account the basic necessities and the college’s repute. The college needs to encourage and approve several movements to combat the restless heat in the campus atmosphere like afforestation, extra fans in mess and hostel rooms, more and improvised water filters before every classroom, spreading awareness to control water wastage, proper supply of electricity and internet connection, utilisation of generators at least during power cuts to generate water motors, keeping a track of student’s activities regarding the feedback of their hostel life, etc. This is going to let us flaunt our feats before every other college near and around that we’re really proud to be VSSUTians, not as a pun or for fun, but with worth dexterity and ample instances of glory. This is every hosteller’s story, saga of a fury and sarcasm before the authoritative members of the jury.



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