Journey through ‘E-Yantra: The Robotics Voyage

“The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it’s possible to achieve the dream.” And this is what VSSUT has proved this time.

If not the best then much better off than the rest is what VSSUT is showing it off all to the world out loud as our Robotics Society came out with flying colours in the recently held robotics mega event E-Yantra,an initiative from IIT-Bombay, sponsored by MHRD.
For overview,E-Yantra is a National level Robotics competition conducted at IIT-B every year in which students from different technical colleges are handed up with real world challenges that demands practical solutions.

E-Yantra 2017 had 7 Space and Technology related themes in the first level for which nearly 20,000 students from the entire country had registered and contested ,out of which 5,000 students were selected through an online event to enter into the stage-1 of the competition, while VSSUT Robotics Society swiftly produced 10 teams out in this level. Thereafter 5 of our teams were filtered into the stage-2 of the competition. However, into the finals entered 2 of our teams holding the flag of VSSUT- Burla high. The team of Aklesh Kumar Malla, Siddharth Shankar Prusti, Shweta Nayak and Saswati Panda bagged an AIR-4 with a bot implementing the technology of image processing, wireless communication and ROS in the theme of Space Exploration. On the other hand the team of Rahul Prasad, Sibangi Panda, S.K. Sajeed Hossain and Amit Kumar implementing the technology of image processing, wireless communication and IMU readings came up with a challenging 2 wheeled bot which very well managed to bag an AIR-5 .
These two prominent achievements on the face of Robotics Arena has not only spread a wave of encouragement for many but also has paved the path for even more robotics aspirants to bring glory and recognition for our college nationwide and hence bear the flag of VSSUT- Burla proudly as high as ever.

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