A journey of extended nights of work, innumerable sessions of solving problems and with the supreme spirit of getting the work done, VSSUT Robotics Society represented the University and finally notched AIR-06 in ROBOCON 2K17. The Asia-Pacific Broadcast Union (ABU) ROBOCON 2k17 was organized by MIT Pune, and the theme was Asobi-The Landing Disc. ROBOCON is a Robotic Contest, where the partaking teams are expected to formulate and fabricate their own robots. The core team comprise of an Instructor, the Team Leader, Manual Robot Operator and an Automatic Robot Operator. Doordarshan, the national public service broadcaster hosts National Robocon event every year wherein The best engineering institutes across the country compete with each other for the honor of representing Indian National team at the International version of the competition for three taxing days.

The VSSUT team did remarkably well at all stages of the competition. A team member says “matches in these three day competition weren’t only about our efforts in “the pit”, they were more about the days that pre-followed the endeavors and perseverance to prove ourselves and refine our previous efforts of winning and bringing them to reality”.

The notable adventure from AIR-20 to AIR-06 started with the consistent faith and optimism of the team leader and the frontrunner, Shailesh Jain from final year. The team comprised of Final years, Tapas Mahanta, Suchismita Nayak and Swati Bohidar; Pre-final years including the robot controller Aklesh Malla and K. Raghuram, Rahul Prasad, Sumit K. Pradhan, Ansuman Baral, Sk Sajeed Hossain, Brujesh Agrawal, Saswati Panda, Shweta Nayak and second years Rajat Dwibedy, Ram N. Panda, Tanya Gupta, Roshan Senapati, Prayag Agrawal, Rishab Agrawal, Parameswar Panda and Snehashish Mishra.

Their journey was as strenuous as it could get, the one with many hindrances. The most difficult stage for the team was the pre-calculated derivations for attaining points which witnessed disparity due to change in surrounding, overlapping and mismanagement of practice slots. The most tedious part was when the team had to deal with sudden change in strategies mid-way by judging the opponent team’s moves during the game.

To put forth the number of victories achieved by the team, they won two league matches with two colleges namely, Pillai College of Engineering and Technology, Raigad and G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur by 17 and 28 points respectively. They won the super-league matches against IIT, Roorkee and PICT, Pune to qualify to quarter finals, i.e., top 8 teams in 115 participating colleges. The quarter-final match was scheduled against the last year’s ROBOCON champion, Vadodara Institute of Technology, Vadodara in which they were leading the match by 9-8 but in the fraction of second, lost two points because two of their discs were dethroned by the tough opponent team. That’s where the chances of survival in the competition went astray in the course of the match, by a single point, but the team won the hearts of an entire University.

The well planned strategies and diligence were paid off and VSSUT finally got a progression from AIR-20 to AIR-6 leaving behind reputed colleges like VIT, Pune, Institute of Technology NIRMA University and IIT, Delhi. The whole journey from ROBOCON 2k16 to ROBOCON 2k17 pushed the VSSUT Robotics team to the epitome of their limits and made them stand on the plethora of accomplishments. Team ViSSion extends heartiest congratulations to Robotics Society, VSSUT and may they, shine at the zenith of success!

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  1. Great achievement team. Lets prepare again and fight again for the coming year. So that one day we participate in the final ROBOCON event.

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