“Extracted”, “Processed” and “Transformed”… With these metallic terminologies, the innovative and hardworking student population of the Dept of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering led to the genesis of its branch fiesta, “METAPHILIA: The National Level Student Symposium” in the campus of VSSUT, Burla on the 25th and 26th of March 2017, presided over by the HOD, Dr. Sushant Kumar Badjena and the Faculty Advisor, Asst. Prof. Gautam Behera. Chief guest Er. J. P. Nayak ; President and Head of Aluminium Smelter, Hindalco Industries Ltd; undoubtedly  added another drop of zeal to see this event to the zenith. Let’s observe 2 minutes silence for those who missed the monumental and trend setting events, guest lectures and workshops. There were also demonstrations for the benefit of the community and attempt  to better the technological cohesiveness between people from various walks of Materials Engineering. Here are 10 reasons on why you shouldn’t have missed out on METAPHILIA :

  1. Premier Edition: Metaphilia 2017 happens to be the 1st ever Metallurgy and Materials Engineering fiesta in VSSUT, Burla. The valour, vigour and ardour employed in the execution of the fest was highly commendable. Appreciation for the committee members poured in from all quarters who marvelled at the event’s excellence.
  2. Innovation: Metaphilia showcased a handsome exhibition of creative cognisance on the grounds of organising and  controlling the functioning of various events in the fest. Each member was so diligent towards developing new ideas in each event that every persona of MME, VSSUT stood as an instance wearing the insignia of reverence in the eyes of the outsiders.
  3. Guest Exposition: A technical tour instilled a lot of knowledge into the minds of each and every disciple of MME through a warehouse of wise words by Sri. R.C. Sahu; HOD, Dept. of Metallurgy, UGIE, Rourkela; upon “Clean Steel”. His inspirational words inspired many an intellectual present in the arena.
  4. Outsider’s Participation: Unlike other branch fests, Metaphilia invited students from various other colleges entertaining MME branch in their academia. This led to the increase in competition as around 34 students from OPJU, Raigarh; UGIE, Rourkela and GCE, Keonjhar graced this occasion to represent their respective colleges and present their calibre in various technical and fun events.
  5. Transparency in Decision Making: Keeping the passion of politics aside, Metaphilia decided its victorious crusades; both in technical and fun events; on the grounds of transparency and no sort of bias in prize distribution.
  6. Fun Events: Apart from the Technical events, students from all branches were also given opportunity to enjoy the MME fest by participating in Scavenger Hunt, Spell Bee, Quiz and Talk Nonsense. Participants turned up in huge numbers to get a fair share of the cake that was the prize money on the basis of their excellence in the respective fields.
  7. Gaming Events: Metaphilia also provided a platform for the tech leads to invest their talents in the gaming arena, where ample number of competitive participants displayed their flair for gaming in FIFA 16, Counter Strike and Mini Militia. The games were declared open for all.
  8. On-spot Decision: Names of the prize winners were declared on the spot and cash prize was distributed at that very moment, so as to do away with all kind of bias against the juniors or the outsiders. This also benefitted the outside participants in cases of an early departure or an emergency.
  9. Closing Ceremony: As the ceremony was approaching its end, it was packed up with unprecedented performances of dance and music in the AVC. A DJ performance towards the end added to the flamboyance of Metaphilia. Finally, the vote of thanks filled us with hope for the next edition.
  10. Lavish Dinner: “An intelligent brain is fuelled by a healthy diet and refuelled by a fully filled stomach.” It’s a dictum well suited at the end of the day, when the razzmatazz comes to a halt. The night was enjoyed by everyone as the partook of a lavish dinner that matched up to the standards of the mammoth event.

Missed it all? If yes, regretting is accompanied with the determination to not miss out on the future editions. So here’s waiting with open arms to host you in the upcoming editions of Metaphilia. Till then “take the strain to harden your skills and prove your ‘mettle’”.

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