TECHTRONIX 2K7TEEN: Technology that changes behavior

From the 24th to 26th of Feb 2017, VSSUT, Burla descried the humongous efforts put forth by the students of Electronics Dept. from sophomores to the final years in their branch fiesta, Technotrix, presided over by Prof. Aditya Ku. Hota, the Prof-in-charge of the society and Prof. Bikramaditya Das, the Prof-in-charge of the seminar. The chief guests were Vice Chancellor, Prof. E. Saibaba Reddy and the Organising Secretary, Prof. Debasish Mishra. The zeal ensconced in each student of El & TC Department of VSSUT, Burla was espied through the various events in these 3 continuous days of intelligent inspiration.

Wires to the breadboard of this fiesta were added in the first day itself with transfixing events where active participation soldered these wires unyieldingly.

  1. Electronica(Prelims): It was the technical quiz event. The prelims of quizzing event included a written MCQ-based test having 20 questions to be solved within half-an-hour.
  2. Smash-D-Bug: In this event the teams were provided with a bugged circuit which they had to debug as fast as possible. It was a debugging event for 1st and 2nd years only.
  3. Circuit Pro: It was a programming event for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students only. Programs based on MULTISIM, MATLAB, VHDL & VERILOG were given and a time limit of an hour was given to write the programs correctly.
  4. Electromaze(Prelims): It was a fun and interactive circuit designing event. In the prelims, there was a 30 minute written objective paper to be solved individually by each participant.
  5. Electronica(Finale): The finale furnished the evidence of an audio-visual round.
  6. Promaste
    rs: It was a gaming event for entertainment. The games played were Blur, FIFA, Counter Strike and Mini Militia.

The first day came to an end, walking on the edges of some preliminary rounds, some mind hacking events and the gaming utopia. The 2nd day program of the fiesta included-

  1. Electromaze(Finale): Components of a circuit were hidden around the campus and the teams were given some specific clues. These clues acted as directions for the teams and they had to solve all the clues and collect those components one by one. After collecting all the components they had to build the required circuit. For this a problem statement related to some sort of circuit designing was given on the spot. After completing the individual tasks assigned to the seekers within a stipulated time period, they had to gather at a location decided by the event organizers and  had to assemble all the components to complete the final circuit.
  2. Automation: It was an automated robotics event where interested participants were supposed to make a line following robot according to the problem statement given by the coordinators.

Then, arrived the final day of the fiesta that beheld the inauguration ceremony as well as the show stopping event, Papyrus in the 1st half itself.

Papyrus:  It was a technical paper presentation event. Participants had to prepare slides on cutting-edge technologies and recent developments related to the field of Electronics & Telecommunications.

The 2nd half got the load of a guest lecture and the closing ceremony was terminated with a vote of thanks. The scintillating smile on the bright faces of ETC students epitomized their persona of charisma with a hope in their psyche to rule the legacy of their branch with the same insignia upon the pinnacles of electronics technology!

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