VSSUT, Burla : Celebrating 60 Glorious Years

A 350 acre- educational  conclave with 5200 students, 11 branches and almost 30000 diligent and proficient alumni all around the globe, Veer  Surendra  Sai University of Technology, Burla, quite ecstatically accomplished its glorious 60 years on 12 August 2016. 1st in the state and 2nd in Eastern India, University College of Engineering(UCE), which started with 40 students, 6 decades back, has come this long way. With a state of the art infrastructure, well-equipped laboratory facilities, best-in-class faculty, a long drawn track of high quality research and development and focus on cutting-edge technology, VSSUT produces  1300+ industry-ready graduates, besides a host of research scholars. Tough evaluation standards, strict deadlines of submission of reports, frequent examinations are few highlights of the uncompromising levels of academic standards. Stringent selection procedure, in-depth and high intensity of teaching are not the only hallmarks. VSSUT is at the epicenter of humongous industries who have investments to the tune of  1,50,000 crore rupees. At VSSUT, most of the learning takes place beyond classrooms; it happens in the Sports ground, Robotics arena, Music stages, Placement cell, etc. Each student leaves the campus with tremendous self-belief, competitive attitude and a hunger to be victorious on each crusade towards the apex of success and development.

However, every throne consists of thorns and every furnace brings burns. It is a fabricated dictum, well suited for the wicked working and crooked care taken of the students, apart from the academic utopia. An elegant sneak peek at the present vista of our so called university’s infrastructure makes us believe that NAAC team rated it as ‘B’ Grade. The flamboyance in facilities and basic amenities provided to the regular boarders is way beyond negligence and far off reluctance. Burla is proud of its Hirakud Dam, generously gratified by the Power Channel across its colonies and hugely honoured by the Hydroelectric Power Station. So also, VSSUT hostels are proud of the water scarcity, generously gratified by the frequent power cuts and hugely honoured by the untidy hostel room conditions. The cleanliness department seems to perhaps have taken resignation from almost all boys hostels.Till today, the hostel mess is bizarrely a mess. Students sometimes try to connect the names of the dishes with the dishes in front. Accommodation in the auditorium in special functions is something that a junior never forgets to dream.  No matter what we build, but, the road to success shall always remain under construction. No matter what we connect, but, the batteries to electrify shall always remain uncharged. No matter what we run, but, the fuel to combustion shall always remain insufficient.

Sketch by – Akankshya Parhi

Yet, despite all the atrocities faced, VSSUT boasts of its alumni  who have successfully grabbed the limelight in the technical sector of the nation. An alma mater to umpteen self-made entrepreneurs and innovators, VSSUT continues to hone the skills of achievers who confidently stamp down all the hurdles that dare sprout in their path, and carry forward the legacy of producing one of  the most talented pool of engineers. From 30 staffs to 300, from 4 hostels to 13, from 3 departments to 12 and from producing engineering graduates to blending multitalented winners, the University has undoubtedly fulfilled its part in adapting to the changing times . Besides academic eminence, VSSUTians today raise the banner of the university higher with their expanding excellence in co-curricular activities. The mark of VSSUT on the map of accomplishments has been existing since its very inception, and today that mark stands out bright  and prominent.

60 GLORIOUS YEARS”, does not celebrate the success story of the university. It celebrates the bitter sweet journey of the march to triumph. It celebrates the sweet uses of adversity and the sweeter fruits of victory borne out of it.

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