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Innovation is a tough game and an innovator is a powerful change maker.

Today we are “In Conversation With” the recipient of the Young Researcher Award 2015 by Springer, who was recently also awarded the Youth Innovation Award by OSIC and MSME along with a cash award of Rs. 50,000/- under the Youth Innovation Fund Scheme.

Mr. Sanjog Panda

Sanjog Kumar Panda, a young alum of our university, brought great pride and recognition to our university through his research work and it is a true pleasure sharing with you his success story.

  1. Team Vission – Can you tell us what exactly your project was about?Sanjog –The project was related to the field of automobiles, something I’ve always been very passionate about. To be more precise, I worked on the transmission systems in cars. It is basically a medium to transmit power from the engine to the wheels using the gearbox. I have worked on two projects. One is CVT – Continuously Variable Transmission, for economy cars in India and the other is CVT for bicycles.
  1. Team Vission – Such publications and being the Transmission Head and Driver of Team VEERss Racing clearly shows your keen interest in automobile design and engineering. What motivates you to pursue these interests?Sanjog- Theory in engineering has never interested me more than the practicals. I always have sought to find the practical applications of the theories they teach. This motivated me to join SAE club of the college and be a member of BAJA. At BAJA, we design, fabricate, find solutions. The sheer number of hours the entire team puts in to build and prepare the vehicle for the competition is the definition of hard work fuelled with a love for the machines. My passion for cars and driving was a thorough motivation.
  1. Team Vission – How will you describe your experience in BAJA?Sanjog- For me, being a part of BAJA was a career in itself (smiles). From Rank 54 to Rank 4 on a national level was an experience of a lifetime really. We, at BAJA are very serious and diligent in our tasks. With a proper team work we channelized our potential in our respective departments which was allotted to us. I believe the sole forces behind the success were effort, team work and conviction.
  1. Team Vission- Could you elaborate your venture for our readers? Also we would like to know how a CVT would be beneficial in a bicycle.Sanjog – CVT in bicycle is obviously very unusual and interesting, given the fact that it is driven by chains. When you ride a bicycle, there are two kinds of transmission used. One is called the fixed ratio and the other is called derailleurs (a set of gears). But in this case, due to the inability to obtain intermediate ratios, the rider in no case knows what the optimum ratio is. When we use a CVT, it automatically adjusts the ratio and performs to derive the best output. When you travel on leveled lands, it lowers the torque and increases speed and when you travel uphill, it increases the torque and reduces speed. The change in terrain is thus not felt much by the rider.
  1. Team Vission- What are your plans and future goals after college?Sanjog- After my Btech, my ardent desire is to pursue MS and then get into the best automobile companies. Racing will always stay with me, though not as a primary occupation.
  1. Team Vission- Our readers would surely want to know about your journey to the Young Researchers’ Award. Could you please tell us more about it?Sanjog- I did my summer research at IIT Guwahati. I applied for publishing my work under Humanizing Work and Work Environment 2015, International Conference at IIT Bombay. The award was by Springer.
  1. Team Vission- How would you describe that magical moment (laughs)?Sanjog- I had missed 3 papers of my semester exam in order to attend the conference. I was very skeptical about getting the award. I was sitting there, all relaxed and ready to clap for the winners as their names would be called. Then there was this magical moment when they announced a particular paper ID and Name of the publication. It took a moment to sink in, that the name was mine. The delegates who selected my work were International heads representing their country’s Chair of International Ergonomics Association (IEA). It was a moment I would cherish forever.
  1. Team Vission- Whom would you dedicate your success to?Sanjog- Without any second thoughts, the credit goes to my parents and my guide, Debkumar Chakrabarti. They have been very supportive and they believed in me. The backbone of my knowledge, Team VEERss Racing, will always be a key factor, contributing to my success.

The key to doing great work, is to love what you do – Steve Jobs.

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