12 Types of students you find in VSSUT

  • The omnipresent

The quintessential jacks-of-all-trade, these guys are affiliated to most clubs (Souls, Vibranz, Robotics, SAE, Quizzine, you name it), are generally average or good at studies and known by most. Defining them is tough owing to their multiple loyalties.

  • The secretaries

These are the guys who get things done (well pun or not). Attendances shortages, deadlines, never ending permission problems and crappy student response are these people’s soul mates.

  • The kaun-hai-bhai-tu?

Zero interaction with people in class or borderline attendance guys, nobody knows them, trust me, not even their own branch-mates.

  • The bad-luck-by-chance guys

These people are convinced they were meant to be in IITs or NITs but have unfortunately ended up here. They loathe the place,  the people, the faculty, the food, their whine list doesn’t end.

  • The heart throbs

Guy or girl, these people are pretty much the topic of discussion in many rooms late at night. Usually harassed quite a bit by seniors because of their popularity, these people usually have tried their hands at Mr and Miss Vassaunt once.

  • The cool kids


Attendance shortage?  Bad grades?  Accident?  Deadlines?
Guess who doesn’t give two hoots!

  • The over achievers


These people are royalty in college. They usually have won some pretty prestigious awards in their fields and are looked up to by most. They are the pride of their friends and the envy of many.

  • The Dadas

You find them hanging out at kalia or swaroop, having dinners at ray and night outs at huma. Want an adventure, save your ass from bullies,  a drink,  or information sans gossip? These are the people you need to go to.

  • The PDA overdose couple

Well technically they are not one person, but you get it.

They are in the same branch, same section, same lab group, same clubs (where neither shows up because they are having , mushy talks at ice point) and whenever they are not physically together, they are on the phone. Roommates, we feel for you!

  • The trend setters

Well, in a place like burla, keeping up with the ever changing fashion trends might be tough, but some people manage to do it effortlessly (Credits: Online shopping!). Usually the go-to people whenever somebody has a what-do-i-wear crisis, these people can dish out fashion advice in their sleep!

  • The forever-in-panic

Engineering isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially if you’re in VSSUT and God forbid, one of the ‘E wala branches’. But these people take things extra seriously, be it “Store mein index page khatam ho gaya.”, “Tera lab mein B hai.” Or “Sir bole page ke top corner mein black ink se 0.5 mm nib wale pen se cursive writing mein roman numerals mein page number aur date likhna hai.”, anything and everything gets them in panic mode!

  • The Unconventionally yours

These are the weirdos and the misfits, the square pegs in the round holes. They might make you uncomfortable, but hey, they are anything but boring!

Nonetheless, final year gets everyone like –

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