A Lowdown on SAMAVESH-2K16


Dedication, commitment, hard work and co-operation are the key ingredients of every success story- and the vanguards of our techno-management fest had them all.

Samavesh 2K16 started off with a plethora of promises…some fulfilled, some deserted. Yet, the synergy that the organisers displayed was the major reason of its success. Commendable, indeed! The fest commenced from 12th of February, spanning over 3 days, with its “tech n fun” events and many other cultural fiestas. Though not exactly jaw-dropping, Samavesh was able to captivate everyone by its “splendour-in-simplicity” and platter of awe-inspiring events.

Here’s a brief zeroing in on all the major attractions that kept us riveted to the three-day-long fest.

Robotics Events:

Satiating the real hunger of techies, Robotics club organised competitions like THE Devil’S Valley 3.0, Sumo-War, Aquamav, Lined It and Abstract Submission. Presumably the “Heart of Samavesh”, the Robotics club with its phenomenal guild took the fest by storm! The participants were required to unleash and execute their skill in engineering robots, armouring them to withstand harsh circumstances and controlling them efficiently to dodge hindrances on the arenas prepared.

THE DEVIL’S VALLEY and SUMOWAR gained a lot of appreciation and profound attention. Devil’s Valley was a nail-biter event where the contestants were required to build bots that could smoothly cover a jeopardous and intricately constructed track under a stringent time limit. The “battle of bots” event Sumo-War had the participants construct strong and durable remote-controlled robots, capable of shellacking the opponent and escaping fire (and other catastrophes) unscathed. Another event Aquamav struck a chord with many due to its intriguing concept of electric-powered bots to cover a maze in water. Abstract Submission was an online event.

The staggering participation of a total of forty-six teams from across many colleges in Odisha amplified the competition level. While a team from ITER Bhubaneswar won the SUMOWAR, team HX of VSSUT claimed an undisputed victory in DEVIL’S VALLEY! Team SHIELD (a group of first year students from our University) and Black Diamond College of Engineering (from Jharsuguda) performed outstandingly in all events as well. The robotics team was enthralled to find robust participation from the girls in many events.

EDP Events:

The EDP club, which had its recent inception, was a major allurement in the fest. Aiming at revealing the real potential of the aspiring entrepreneurs and enriching their minds with quality ideas, EDP club forged a formidable bunch of contests like Sell Me This Pen, Win of Wits, The S-Factor and Case Connect.

While Sell Me This Pen provoked the persuasive and marketing abilities of an individual, Win of Wits was a quizzing competition. Case Connect was a case study event intended to ferret out the creative and innovative skills in a person by exposing him/her to critical scenarios where participants were required to come up with managerial solutions. S Factor was a sales pitch event introduced to challenge participants to sell their B-Plan or idea to a panel of judges.

Gaming Events:

The varsity was flooded with enthusiastic gamers having colossal interest in action-packed games.

The gaming events attracted gaming noobs and veterans alike. The varsity has never ran short of enthusiastic gamers and clans.

Blur, the popular arcade racing game was the racing event of this year after replacing NFS since last year.

Counter Strike 1.6, was another major attraction wherein several clans participated, hell bent on ravaging their opponent team in this ever popular urban warfare simulation.

Mini Militia was a first of its kind android gaming event and FIFA, for the football fanatics, found a competitive participation as well.

Fun Events:

Thanks a bunch for the fabulous events! (On a personal note)

Spell Bee – This event was all about the spelling Nazis where the top three spelling prodigies were rewarded with a handsome prize money.

Treasure Hunt – A versatile fun event where the teams (comprising five members each) exercised their brains to hunt down the treasure hidden beneath the clues, that the contestants needed to decipher. In accordance with the theme, the clues were clichéd Bollywood dialogues, song fragments that concealed in them the route to the treasure. Forty one teams rummaged through the campus in the quest to become the ultimate winner.

Seven Stones – Popularly called “Pithu”, this was a much sought-after sport back in the childhood days. The event designers thought of reverting back time to let the students plunge into the depths of their “good old days”.

To sum up, Samavesh 2K16 unquestionably ended on a successful note, however, some slight improvements could have even embellished the fest’s magnificence. We look forward to having an even more tantalizing and impeccable Samavesh in the years to come.

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