The Women Should Speak Up


This post is dedicated to all the women out there, some of who I see each day and feel sorry whenever they are judged or wronged or abused (which happens almost every single day), just because they are women.

women12Dear women, don’t take it lightly. The more chances you give to let people tread upon you, the more often they will. So, instead of staying shut and bearing all the wrong, bring the change yourself. There will be many instances when you will be subjected to prejudice. But you must not bend down and bear the brunt of everything. Maybe yours will be the only voice that is speaking for your cause, against the rest of the world, but that is the only one that matters.

  • There is a thin line separating the realms of concern and restriction. As long as you know that someone is concerned about you, it is okay. But you should know when they cross the line and it starts choking you. That is when you need to speak up for yourself and do what is right.
  • When you are being denied a particular post or position, just because you’re not ‘man enough’ to do it, show the world how it is done. Being woman doesn’t make you the weaker one. If you have what it takes to get that job or the promotion done, do not sit still while it is being denied to you.
  • Women are often asked for explicit favors to scale the ladders of career platforms. Why should you let someone violate you for the sake of a job and some money? Let your capabilities and your talent speak for you. Do not let people take you, for that matter, any women for granted.
  • Nobody, I say, nobody has the right to violate your body outside your permission, be it a friend, a relative, a boyfriend or even your husband. Your body is solely your possession. So, if somebody is abusing you physically, do not stay silent. Speak up while you still can.
  • Nobody gets to decide what you should wear. It is your sole decision. I’m not exactly going for public nudity here, but you get the point. I have seen women being judged left and right on the basis of their clothes. Adorning a saree or wearing capris doesn’t make you any less a woman. So, if you’re being judged or if you witness another woman being judged for what she is wearing, please do not stay mum or play along. Speak up, because you know that it is wrong.

My point through all of this is that just because we’re letting the society wrong us, the number of these instances keeps scaling heights. We are more at fault than anyone else when we let wrong things happen and do nothing about it. Empowerment comes from within. Nobody can give it to you. So speak up for yourself and for all the other women in the world. Because being a woman is not the same as enduring a life-long punishment. Make the world a better place for yourself. Speak up.

Kudos to all the women! Happy Women’s Day! 🙂

8 thoughts on “The Women Should Speak Up

  1. let your capabilities and talent speak for you !!! Right !! So any kind of quota for women should be condemned ???

    1. Yes, if she deserves something and it is being denied to her just because she is a woman, she needs to let her capabilities speak for her.
      About the quota for women – well, it is ironical that people from your fraternity are the ones that complain that there is hardly any ‘eye candy’ on the campus.
      Anyway, are you going to ensure that every girl child is provided the amount of education that is necessary for every human being? Are you unaware of the screwed up sex ratio of the nation? Forget about the existence ratio. Think about the number of working women as compared to their male counterparts.
      There is a reason the women of a nation need to be properly educated. If someone can ensure equal beginnings to both the sexes, even I’m in favor of condemning the rule of reservation for women.

  2. Myth – “When you are being denied a particular post or position, just because you’re not ‘man enough’ to do it, show the world how it is done.” > Reality – Reservation ?
    X is a woman Y is a man.. X gets lower rank and has lower merit . Y has higher rank higher merit. X gets quota because somewhere in the starting point of humanity someone didn’t ensure equal beginnings. Y gets nothing . X should have been denied this particular post because she was not good enough . But eventually got it because she was ” woman enough.”

  3. How many work opportunities do men get and how many do women get in our country? Leave out ‘work opportunities’. What about the simple word – ‘opportunities’? It is not only about beginnings. We all know how oppressed the females are in our society. Is providing them a good share of academic and job opportunities such a wrong thing to do?
    X had to return home early after dusk. She couldn’t take the extra tuition that Y could attend because, well, he’s a guy. Y got the opportunity to study at a better place, in a different city. X wasn’t allowed to leave her hometown to look for better opportunities because she’s a girl and should not venture out alone.
    How many such instances can you overlook?

  4. Providing good share of job and opportunities .. It’s no big deal. But saying that empowerment comes from within yet expecting reservation and uplift tent from society and govt is hypocrisy !!!

  5. A woman,recently, reported her molester to the police, who was arrested soon after. The woman was set on fire by the family members of the accused. Still, it is too much to expect upliftment from the society. Cool.
    You have read the article well, as I see. You know what empowerment I am talking about. I wonder why it really hurts that much.

  6. Lol!!! Why does everyone play that weak section card. Dadri minority card . Kanhaiya minority card. This case. woman section card. It is a clear case of vengeance. Nothing to do with woman.
    And no I don’t know what empowerment from within means.

  7. Molestation was the crime I wanted to emphasize upon. The woman, a victim, is being further victimized. This is one case. There are dozens of others. It has everything to do with women.
    And empowerment from within means not staying quiet while you are being wronged. Nobody is going to actually go tell a woman all the time – ‘This is wrong. Do something about it’. She needs to learn that herself. That is the empowerment I am talking about, going by the literal meaning of the word, that is, giving herself the power to fight against the prejudices.
    *Sigh* It takes years, as a woman, to unlearn all the things we have been taught to be sorry for. So, majority of the women do not even know that they are being subjected to prejudice.

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