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Some succeeded because they were destined to, We will succeed because we are determined to…

The VSSUT-2015 Cricket team was the one your mother warns you about. Departure of seven extremely talented cricketers (Final years) left us wrecked at the beginning of this very season. It was finally after 5 practice months we found some good players. Clouds of inexperience surrounded our team, only thing that kept us going was a belief to win. After the semis loss to IGIT Sarang at 24th Chetan-Devraj Trophy, BIT Mesra, we did learn many things. Although we did lose, but still we fought hard and that kept the pain at bay. You don’t need ABD or Virat Kohli or Mitchell Starc to ignite the fire of commitment within oneself. That spark is found in the people surrounding you. The 2016 batch cricketers did teach us many lessons. 20/20 vision doesn’t make you the best fielder, it’s the will and effort that transforms you into one. One injured finger doesn’t stop you from being the best batsman on a day when bullets are directed towards you from opposition bowlers. A captain is one who changes his role for the team. He is whatever the team needs him to be. The VSSUT-UCE cricket Parivar has a history in its name itself. A legacy to maintain, An Old tradition still young, these are the people who shine bright on a cloudy day. We haven’t lost yet because we have not stopped fighting. There’s always a bright sunny day after a windy night, not for us, not today. Today we sail in the wind and hope we get the right direction.

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  1. Departure or arrival of players should not change your attitude towards the game.You are in the team because you are the best and most deserving to be in the team. All the very best for future. We know you guys rock and we all miss to be a part of the team now.

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