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Model United Nations, as the word suggests is a simulation of the United Nations. Taking a page out of the high diplomatic standards of the global convention which had started off as the League of Nations. It provided a forum for resolving international disputes by dialogue rather than arms and ammunition. For a span of 2-3 days, the participants get to imbibe the culture, breathe in the politics, revel in the geography and take pride in the legacy of a country. A country they don’t hail from but they grow accustomed to as the committee progresses. The students of our college have been participating in Model United Nations, bringing laurels and gaining appreciation in the Odisha MUN-ing circuit of late. They have carved out a niche for themselves which is enough proof of their prowess in diplomacy, in the true sense of the term.  The winning streak was kick started by the GPC MUN in December (19th to 20th) with Mother’s Public School, BBSR as the venue. It invited all MUN-ers from across the world to deliberate on substantial conundrums and concentre in the common objective of striving to attain world peace. The 2 days of divergent debate in the thick of multilateral diplomacy and geopolitics saw 100% success rate of our University as 4 of the people who had participated got awarded for their constructive controversions, spirited brainstorming and dynamic problem solving. The awardees are as follows:

  1. Abhishek Kumar Patra (3rd year Mechanical Engineering) and
    Priyanka Mohanty (2nd year Civil Engineering)
    Won high diplomacy as Slovakia in UNGA-DISEC
  2. Ahwan Abhinandan Joshi (3rd year Mechanical Engineering) and
    Anjali Nayak (2nd year Civil Engineering)
    Won honorary mention as Spain in UNODC.

The 2nd MUN where VSSUT took the MUN-ing circuit by a storm was the 3 day IIT BBSR MUN which had taken place under “Alma Fiesta” from the 15th of January to the 17th of January; wherein 27 students from VSSUT had participated. It was the first ever MUN conducted by IIT BBSR. Our in-house delegates proved their mettle by living up to their epithet that read as follows “ challenges are inevitable, surviving them is a choice and winning them is an attitude. “

The award list is as follows:

  1. Smitirupa Mahapatra(2nd year Electrical Engineering) and
    Munmun Mohanty(2nd year Electrical Engineering)
    Best Delegate in UNGA-SOCHUM as China
  2. Kumar Sourav Mohanty(4th year Mechanical Engineering) and
    Saswatee Chand (4th year Mechanical Engineering)
    Special Mention in UNGA-SOCHUM as Sri Lanka
  3. Ahwan Abhinandan Joshi (3rd year Mechanical Engineering) and
    Deeptimoyee Patra (2nd year Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
    Honorary mention in UNGA-SOCHUM as United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

 The next MUN was OEC MUN which saw VSSUT students win accolades in keeping with their past performances ; which goes on to show how they have grown in strength in their journey as phenomenal leaders and astounding debaters. The 3rd edition of the OEC MUN was conducted under the header – “at the zenith of diplomacy” which stipulated a power packed debating scenario on ongoing issues of the world community. 21 was the headcount of participants from our college. The awardees are as follows:

  1. Rachita Nanda (2nd year Information Technology)
    High commendation as The United States of America in Continuous Crisis Committee
  2. Kumar Sourav Mohanty(4th year Mechanical Engineering) and
    Chandi Prasad Sarangi(4th year Information Technology)
    Special Mention as South Africa in UNHRC
  3. Archit Panda(4th year Electrical Engineering)
    Special mention as Brazil in Continuous Crisis Committee
  4. Proneet Parida(3rd year Civil Engineering) and
    Munmun Mohanty(2nd year Electrical Engineering)
    Special Mention as Canada in UN-HCR
  5. Abhishek Kumar Patra(3rd year Mechanical Engineering) and
    Tveshaj Subuddhi(2nd year Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
    Special Mention as Italy in UNGA-DISEC
  6. Aaditya Mohapatra(2nd year Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering) and
    Rakhi Dubey(2nd year Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
    Most Promising Delegation as India in UNHRC
  7. Omkar Anshuman(2nd year Electrical and Electronics Engineering) and
    Ayushi Dash(2nd year Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
    Verbal Mention as Belgium in UNHRC
  8. Dibyashree Rout(2nd year Chemical Engineering)
    Verbal Mention as Japan in Continuous Crisis Committee

Written by –
Aaditya Mohapatra & Rachita Nanda

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