Diplomacy is a funny game: VSSUT MUN 2.0


“Diplomacy is a funny game. The more you attempt to understand diplomacy, the lesser you seem to know about it.”

Call it a game, call it a habit or a quality, diplomacy sure doesn’t leave you once you decide to roll the dice.  At V.S.S.U.T., this gamble of diplomacy is played with the goblet of Model UN. With a vision to hone the talent, the MUN society sure had promised not to look back. The society has always believed in deliverance. Thus after a scintillating success, the MUN society is here telling tales of its second edition of MUN. The conference proved to be very fruitful and a thorough learning experience in terms of understanding the nitty-gritty of planning and effort that goes into organizing a successful MUN. Despite the almost claustrophobic schedule of MUN in the Odisha Circuit as well as other states, VSSUT MUN 2.0 garnered attention from college as well as school students all over, including those of other states. The expected number of delegates was more than twice the previous year and a lot more hard work had been put into making it a successful event.

The preparation for the flagship event of the Literary Society began months in advance. Foremost importance was paid to the logistics and regular meetings were conducted to organize the forethought into a well crafted plan of action. The organizing committee was sorted into different departments.

Shortly after the release of the delegate applications, a humongous response was recorded. The workshop team made provisions to conduct daily mock sessions for the introduction of international politics & diplomacy to the newbies. The college authorities were quite cooperative with the OC in their endeavor. The OC even conducted workshops in various schools of Sambalpur and promotional events in various other places were also conducted by the Director Generals, Chenna Keshava & Snigdha Behura. This edition of MUN witnessed Executive Board members from various walks of the society with an impressive MUN resume. 


There were simulations of 6 councils this year:

The United Nations General Assembly (DISEC) took up the issue of threat of nuclear weapons with special focus on the non-nuclear states. This was a rather interesting topic in a committee filled with first timers. The members of the Executive Board had taken this into consideration and attempted to make the experience a light and comfortable one. They delivered all the help that was needed and in return expected a valuable output. The outcome surely was more than their expectation. There was a constant debate and inflow of ideas and opinions.  It was observed that often different sets of delegates got into long, sometimes comical arguments on various topics.

The United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime discussed the issue of human trafficking with special focus on the Porous Border Trade. This was a rather energetic & by far the largest committee. Every delegate had a chance to speak and no delegate was left unheard or unquestioned. There were some experienced delegates in this committee and they had formed their own blocks to their advantage. Over the 2 days, there was no paucity in debate and the delegates along with the Executive Board were on their feet in the committee even during break hours. The committee came up with a consolidated report, passed with unanimous voting with Zero NO’s and Zero Abstention.

The United Nations Security Council convened with the permanent member states & some observer states. The agenda discussed was Lethal Autonomous Robots. Also the UNSC acted as the ambassadors committee. The delegates and the Executive board decided to debate upon 2 other agendas. One being a technical one and the other being a generalized one. They paid visits to the UNGA DISEC & UNODC councils. The council had very experienced delegates, and right from the beginning, the delegates began dissecting each other. The members of the Executive Board chose to keep fewer un-moderated caucuses due to the fact that there were many issues at hand to be discussed in a short span. The deliberations were spiced up by the valuable interjections by the delegates. The discussions heated up as each delegate was meticulous and thorough in their research.

The United Nations Human Rights Council debated on the rights of the LGBT community. Although usually one cannot innovate with this council, the debate was thoroughly enriched with innovation. The council was divided on ideologies and that substantiated the debate a great deal. The anti-LGBT rights group gave a neck to neck competition to the pro-LGBT rights group. The attacks and defense of the delegates were a treat to the executive board as well as the press. The council saw a subtle war between benevolence and intolerance. Overall, the council discussion was very lucrative.

The United Nation General Assembly (SOCHUM) debated on the amalgamation of more than one agenda. The agenda covered the MENA migration crisis, the refugee crisis and the role of non state actors. Out of all the councils, SOCHUM had the most elaborate agenda to cover. The delegates had a challenge to design the resolution which would cover three critical areas of the agenda. At the end of the council, the delegates managed to present a well crafted resolution.  The council proceeding was well moderated by the highly experienced Executive Board.

The United Nations Environment Programme had major participation from school level MUN-ers and debut MUN-ers. Although the council and the agenda looked very simple, the depth of technicality did demand thorough research. Waste management has always been a thoroughly discussed topic. However it is the lack of a proper plan which leads to a loss of synchronization among nations that makes it a mammoth challenge. The agenda demanded a consensus by nations on the approach to efficiently manage the global pile up. The UNEP turned out to be the council with the longest duration of discussion. This highlights the fact that the level of debate sure was very advanced.

The end result of the MUN was awesome. Most of the in-house delegates won the awards. It was a very proud moment for the college as well as the organizing committee. Everyone, including the participants had given thorough efforts and that paid off really well. The legacy of the MUN society shall, without a doubt continue to lend magic to the extracurricular activities people indulge in, here at V.S.S.U.T. This very realization lends a purpose to the endeavor which the MUN society undertook a year back.

The closing ceremony was a testament of how successful the conference really was; as delegates broke into dance once the DJ unveiled its magic.  The valedictory ceremony was followed by a ceremony acknowledging the efforts of the executive board as well as the organizing committee. Promises were made to stay in touch. There were few delegates who promised they will join in the journey of VSSUT MUN 3.0.  The success that VSSUT MUN 2.0 achieved was unprecedented and overwhelming. The Organizing Committee has already started weaving ideas for the launch of its third edition.

The MUN society truly has a lot of achievements to celebrate. With the society growing and the members bagging awards in most of the MUNs in the state and elsewhere, the purpose of the society surely needs redefinition from time to time. From an idea of leadership to an idea of excellence, the society has evolved. But the members believe that there is a lot more to be conquered. To revel in the celebration of success seems to be a good idea, but to leave the past and to move on is a great idea.

“Success can be intoxicating. It gives you the impression that you have it all now. It hinders growth. Therefore, we believe in unlearning and relearning. There is a lot more on the agenda of the society and we are looking forward to go farther than we have come so far”- said one of the members when Team Vission asked about sharing few lines on the grandeur of the club.

Written by-
Munmun MohantySmitirupa Mahapatra.


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