Baja Students India 2016: AIR 04


J.K. Tyres Baja Student India 2016, organized by Delta Inc. was held at Budha International Circuit, Greater Noida. Over 1300 engineering students participated in its Student Design Competition. Team VEERss Racing, with their latest All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), IoKE – V, earned an overall AIR 4th (including 75 points of penalty, else would have landed at 2nd) in this prestigious national event.

The event was judged by global experts in the fields of Automotive Design, Manufacturing and Business. The competition stuck to strict international norms and guidelines for design and safety. Participation in BSI has almost doubled since the last year, but in spite of such fierce competition Team VEERss Racing under the guidance of Mentor Preetam Baag and Captain Purusottam Pininti scored spectacularly in all of the five categories of assessments.

IoKE V-1

In spite of a setback in the Sales Event, Team VEERss Racing ranked 2nd in the Endurance Race, which carries the most weightage. The vehicle ran laps on a track consisting of mud, rocky paths, sand and stiff inclination. The teams had to complete maximum number of laps in 2½ hours. This was the first time that Team VEERss Racing completed the 2½ hours of the Endurance Race.

IoKE – V was ranked 1st in the Cost Event. In other words, IoKE – V was the most cost effective vehicle in the competition. A side effect of compensating for a minimal budget, with sheer effort and dexterity over the years I guess.

Team VEERss Racing came in 5th in the Design Event. In this presentation event, members of the team validate and explain every improvement in design they’ve made since their last vehicle.


In the Maneuverability Event, IoKE – V ranked 7th. This event subjects the vehicle to a track designed to test the ATV’s suspension and steering system. The track consists of bumps, drops and stiff corners, a pressure test for both the driver and the ATV.

Technical changes: –

  • IoKE – V is the lightest ATV made in the history of our university, weighing just 205.4 kg. A key improvement, as compared to IoKE – IV, which weighed 256 kg (2015).
  • The ATV incorporates a CVT Coupling fully customized gearbox for improved acceleration and efficiency.
  • IoKE – V has a 3 Link Suspension for the rear and Double Wishbone suspension for the front.

One thought on “Baja Students India 2016: AIR 04

  1. Firstly I did nt guide the team!! Its was team who achieved this success, at my time I could NT achive dat. Credit goes to team and all gud wishers of my is indeed a proud moment for me and my team even for my university. My team fulfilled most of my dreams and I say we will achieve many more success in coming years!! I would like to thank team vission for this post and also request team vission to goto our garage and have a look at our vechile.

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