Love is a mystery

Credits : Nikita Padhi (Prefinal Year EEE)

Love is an untamed force.
The firebird we want to catch. The phoenix that rises from the ashes, refusing to die.
You can never capture her. She cannot live in captivity either.
But she can come and sit by your fire. And she may never leave, if you allow her to spread her wings.
If you allow her freedom and her mystery.

Because it is in mystery that we find its magic.
It can be touched, but never fully uncovered.
When you try to imprison it, it enslaves you.
When you try to understand it, it leaves you feeling lost and confused.
Alluring, enthralling, captivating, it beckons you, promising untold riches.
Frightening you with its immensity of power.

Love is a mystery.

4 thoughts on “Love is a mystery

    1. Thank you Sir .Well this has nothing to do with feminism. I’ve simply personified it. 🙂
      However I had to refer its rebirth. And as you know only “women” are capable of giving “birth”.

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