Telltales of being undaily



ViSSion, the official e-newsletter of VSSUT, Burla. It’s been 56 days since our last post. Three weeks, since the website was suspended when we failed to pay the hosting fee. We have been so lazy, incompetent and substandard that this is our first post in 2016. Not even a poll question in almost two months, which was supposed to be a weekly thing. I can write here that it was the university administration’s fault. They didn’t fund us properly or some other bureaucratic half-truth and the funny thing is, you will believe me as soon as you read it. But that isn’t the honest answer we owe our readers. The truth is, we did it. We took a newsletter with endless possibilities and “literally” killed it. And then slept on it. Till the guilt built up to a level where we began questioning if we deserved being called the “official e-newsletter” of VSSUT. Or maybe we grew a little too deserving.

On behalf of every member of ViSSion, we apologize. For growing irrelevant, inexcusably inactive and just plain disappointing. That ends today. Today is the last time we act less than what we were supposed to be. We just went through the worst few months a club can go through and it’s been a horrible experience. And we brag in your face with a smug, over-confident and insolent look on us, that we will never go through it again. We will do the news with the dedication, integrity and creativity most people are convinced we are incapable of. Not just because we are supposed to. But because we just survived a car crash when we fell asleep on the wheel. And we are never blinking again.


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