10 Struggles of being a ‘Single’ Girl in VSSUT


  1. The annoying ‘How are you still single? ‘ questions.
    1You have answered this question at least a million times. You are still interrogated as such by new people and still worse, multiple times by the same person.
  2. The judgmental comments.
    You hear people saying things like, โ€˜She thinks she’s above all the guys here. So much ‘Bhaw’! ‘ behind your back.
  3. You get approached by a lot of creeps.
    Mark ‘a lot’. You’ll be approached by all kinds of weird dudes from college on Facebook, on WhatsApp and God forbid in full frontal conversations. You will truly learn that creepiness knows no shape or size.
  4. The guys you eye are taken.
    Or not interested. Or juniors. Or dating a superhot junior. Or non-existent. You get the idea!
  5. ‘Kebab mein haddi ‘ has become your job description.
    Because all your girlfriends are in relationships. If you want to hang out with them, you have to hang out with their ‘baes’ making you the aforementioned.
  6. Walking back to your hostel from college is an ordeal.
    Because you cannot help feeling miserable when everybody else is walking back with their boyfriends and you’re like ‘Mera boyfriend Mr. India hai!
  7. Finding dates to social events couldn’t be tougher.6You’ve not gone to at least one social event (paper dance, social night,…) because you couldn’t find a proper date.
  8. You have been matched up with all and sundry.
    Faculty. Juniors. Seniors. Batch mates. Lab assistants. Sunny bhaiyya. You name it.
  9. You detest ice point.
    You think it should be named ‘Mush point’ or ‘Ch****ap’ point. You’re yet to decide.
  10. No matter what other people say, you love being the amazing single lady you are and wouldnโ€™t give it up for anything less than fabulous!

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15 thoughts on “10 Struggles of being a ‘Single’ Girl in VSSUT

  1. With all due respect to your viewpoint bhai, this article was written after talking to about 17 single girls in vssut. ?

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