Burla : The New Smart City


Welcome to the smart city, Burrrlaaa. Yes it’s smart! It’s everything one imagines in the most advanced cities of the world that would put even a giant like Big Apple to shame. Don’t believe me? I have evidences to prove my hypothesis. But first, let’s take a look on why it is important.

No wonder, it was a dream come true for all students when we landed on this exceptional, pristine place on Earth by chance of course! Not everyone gets the privilege of living here with the most medieval natural setting amongst the most primitive fellow mortals like ticks, spiders, scorpions and snakes. A great place for studying evolution! Dear Bear Grylls, come to this heavenly abode, it’d be hell of a ride.

But this is just the chocolate icing on the giant triple storied cake. There is more to go, more to praise about this little haven especially through a girl’s point of view. If in the first year, I was troubled by the incoherent in-times of the hostel, after two years, I am scared of even going out! No it has nothing to do with any criminal reputation of this place because in three years of my stay, I have observed little to slightly little degree of nuisance. But still, I am scared to death to go out to watch a flick, to do shopping, or even spend some quality outdoor time with friends! You wonder why? Because every time, I step out of my hostel, a terrible nuance of horror rings in my ears “I have to be back within 2 hours”. Yes, the horror and the consequent trauma of 2 hour in-time is back! Whoever celebrated freedom after the end of first year, surely underestimated the potential threats lingering right within the vicinity. IUKWIM! If it wasn’t enough to severe our tiny sense of freedom by reducing our in time back to 6 pm, authorities are on new mission to give us a pure ambience of a detention facility (read jail) How sweet! Just the thing I waited for! To be in captivity! With pitiable food and only books around (these days even the RO-UV protected Local Area Internet doesn’t work!) (Read blocked). I can only think of how prisoners live. But then, I was elated to find that even prisoners have a scheduled visitor’s time! We don’t have that! So it’s capsule captivity!

Few days ago, one of my ‘guy friends’ had come to give me some class notes. It must be around 8 in the evening but the great protectors of our dilapidating castle didn’t let me even greet him! After an embarrassing exchange of notes through the small door window, my friend ran away for his life! The guard stood there, the whole time, disapprovingly looking at me as if I pulled a “Gone Girl” on somebody! Burdened with pangs of indiscrimination, I finally decided to probe upon the root cause for such actions. Well, after dwelling upon the thought a lot, I came up with the conclusion that the perception of Burla is much different for the authorities! They, undoubtedly, perceive Burrrlaaa as a smart city! Here’s why.

  1. Burla is the ultimate shopping destination!

We are engineers so we do need technically advanced equipments to further our project works and technical experiments which are highly essential for our budding minds. Since we find everything right in here; what’s the need to go out! Doesn’t matter if it takes hours of painful search to find a single electrical equipment or the mind numbing struggle to make the shopkeepers understand what exactly we want! The authorities have full faith, Burlaaaaaaaa market is the ultimate place to get stuff. It’s the Spencer’s mall of Western Odisha.

  1. Hostel food can beat aboriginal cuisine!

Given our hostels serve everything (literally); a classy continental restaurant chain could offer especially the tasty ‘Insecta’ dishes. Why go anywhere else to eat. If you don’t believe me, come and have a taste of the rich food; believe me ‘I am loving it’, ‘it’s finger licking good’, the savory amalgam of flavors will engulf you at once. Just asking, ever tried ‘cricket fry’?

  1. We are the proud owners of supersonic jets!

Given that our hostels are back with the 2 hour scheme (especially the hostel named after the female disciple of Buddha, who was really progressive), there is no way we can reach the adjacent city through public transport and come back within two hours. So, our university has provided supersonic jets. So cool, isn’t it? These days it doesn’t take even an hour to finish our shopping trips or lunch outings (The waiters in restaurants have apparently developed time bending after watching Interstellar) so I think that why is the in-time still for 2 hours? Give us a mere 15 minutes. “Hum yuun gaye aur yuun aaye”

  1. Authorities develop a tracking device

Sources say that a GPS based tracking device will also be embedded into the bodies of every girl student that would provide real time tracking data monitored through an App on the whereabouts of every girl student outside the hostels. Though the device is in a beta-testing phase, it will be out soon much to the likes of the ambitious and proactive research and development cell of the university.

Much has been said, yet there’s more. To sum it up, girls, this is the place to be. We’re all just so lucky.

2 thoughts on “Burla : The New Smart City

  1. Believe me, burla is one place you will miss and miss a hell lot. Vission as a platform must not be used to show descent as it is a public forum, even if alums want to share the posts, it makes little sense as it shows the place and college in bad light. And college brand is something that would stick to you for a good next 7-8 years to say the least. Use vission to create Brand VSSUT Anyways the post is a good one.

  2. Nishan, I disagree. It’s about time people told what they wanted to express. It was not this archaic when we were there. This 2 hour thing looks ridiculous to me. A shout out to oh so progressive bunch of Deans and Professors who do not shy away from asking the alums for funds.

    Please make the life of the current students more social. If you cannot guarantee their safety do not make them suffer. We are not in 1960s and every adult has the right to be where ever they want to be.

    As for the facilities, keep up the fight. There is money but some one in charge is sitting over it or siphoning it.

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