They rose. They went forth. They conquered.

EMoTICA, the dramatics wing of the university has been one of the most active clubs ever, always having something in store for everyone. They perform street plays and release videos about social issues from time to time and have also participated in various national level competitions and won laurels for the university.

The club’s recent victory was bagged at Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar, when they performed a street play at the national level street play competition – ‘Aaghaz’ and bagged the runners up position. The club members began practicing since a month before the event. But the theme of the street play was provided to them by the Aaghaz team only a couple of weeks before the event. Within a short span of time, the club members gave their necessary inputs and formed a plot that circled the main theme ‘LEAD THE CHANGE’. The play included hard-hitting dialogues, unforgettable slogans, mesmerizing expressions and clear cut representation of the sub-themes like ‘Reservation’, ‘Women Empowerment’ and ‘Substance Abuse’, all improvised by the actors themselves.

The actors also performed their prepared street play at the university on 12th November in the presence of the Vice Chancellor and the Dean Students’ Welfare in order to receive necessary feedback. EMoTICA has always been a mirror of change. Incorporating the necessary changes in a matter of a couple of hours, the team of 12 members delivered their best when they were asked to open the event with their performance. There were 22 teams in the prelims and 8 teams in the finals and EMoTICA received tremendous competition from each of the teams in the finals. Yet, they bagged their deserved prize at the event.

‘Aaghaz, at XIMB, was an affair to remember, for an entire lifetime.” – says a team member of EMoTICA.
EMoTICA also plans on performing street plays once every month, based on social issues for spreading necessary awareness among university students. Team Vission wishes Team EMoTICA all the very best for all their future extravaganzas.

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