MUN : Battle called diplomacy, with a weapon called eloquence

 “A distinguished diplomat could hold his tongue in ten languages.”


In a world of complex threats, our security and leadership depends on all elements of our power – including strong and principled diplomacy. The Model United Nations is a series of programs that run throughout the country and the world with the goals of furthering the understanding about the United Nations, educating participants about world issues, promoting peace and the work of the United Nations through cooperation and diplomacy. Just as they say,” An ambassador is not simply an agent; he is also a spectacle”.  A MUN associate indoctrinates in himself the skill of stepping into the shoes of the brand ambassador of a nation, and representing it at an international level discussing about vital issues & coming up with viable elucidations & solutions. The value of the Model UN experience for a student is based on what benefits a student can gain from participation – including such skills as teamwork, expository and persuasive writing, debating, and negotiation that are important for personal development and future success.

The three days from 30th October to 1st November -was a period of profound debates, mind churning anatomy of worldly affairs and a prodigious learning experience. The international MUN saga of 2015 started with a legendary opening ceremony. The opening ceremony proved to be a fuelling aid for all the competitive minds ready to change the ‘model world’ they were made a part of. The speakers’ list was adorned with the eloquent minds of different nationalities. The eminent guest speakers spoke on the sustainable development agenda (the same being the prime focus of every council), thus enlightening us more on the subject. The delegates were led to their respective council halls at the end of the opening ceremony. The time that followed, witnessed one of the best MUNs. The heated debate in every council was the flesh and blood of the event. The spirit refused to yield which was apparent by the unending General Speakers’ List in every council. The moderate caucuses showcased some the most articulate speeches which brimmed with logic and analysis. The unmoderated caucuses revealed the best minds who could take the council forward with their diplomacy and substantial plans they had in store for the agenda.

IMG-20151114-WA0006However, the Organizing committee had a lot more in store. Since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, they ensured to keep the dullness (incase) at bay. The time table was designed very meticulously. Candid speeches by Mr. Akhilesh Yadav,Mr. Constantine Partasides QC, Ms Mona Mishra and many other dignitaries was a refreshing change to the hectic MUN timetable. The second day unveiled its magic as we were fortunate enough to be the part of a live show by Kanan Gill-the man who can make you laugh on & on.The guest lecture by Mr. Suhel Seth was the event most of us were eagerly looking forward to and which all of us cannot forget now. The third day was the most important day for every delegate. It was a day when all the councils had to meet their fate. A council could have either been a success or a failure. Nevertheless with a pompous show of diplomacy, and with vehement discussions, the councils proudly bragged about their press release passed unanimously, the resolutions passed with majority and the speakers’ list still inexhausted even after the fate was met and the purpose was attained. At the end of the MUN, the delegates had endless stories to tell about their council. “The best part of UNHRC was the fact that we were moderated by the Vice chair from Serbia. An EB of different nationalities is a rare experience”-said Abhishek Patra, the Delegate of Algeria (3rd year Mechanical).  “After the first day, one couldn’t differentiate between the first timers from the experienced MUNners as the level of debate surged. Such was the involvement and research in UNDP”, said Munmun Mohanty, Delegate of Iceland (2nd year Electrical).

12191461_420373601488041_9091594312619813749_nThe valedictory ceremony felicitated the best MUNners and the EB of all the councils shared their experience. They were happy about their council’s performance and congratulated the delegates for having had a significant experience in their MUNning career.The students from our varsity had a privilege to be a part of various esteemed councils like UNHRC,UNGA-DISEC,SPECPOL, UNDP and so on. Some of them were adorned with titles of ‘Special Mention’ & ‘Verbal Mention’. On being asked about their experience, the delegates came up with really ebullient answers. “Patience and a substantial debating is the key. You need to put in efforts, research in depth and must master in convincing skills!”,said Shibani Mishra, Delegate of Iceland( 2nd Year, Mechanical).“This International MUN is a must have experience for everybody. Our chair made it sure that the first timers don’t feel fish out of water. MUN is just not about debating, but about how well you can convince the others in your council”,said Smitirupa Mahapatra, the Delegate of Tanzania(2nd year,EE). “We were privileged to get such a good opportunity to take part in international MUN. It was one of the best experiences till date” ,said Priyanka Mohanty,Delegate of Algeria (2nd Year,Civil). Shivam Gupta,Delegate of Iceland (2nd Year,ETC)on being asked about his experience as a first timer said, “Kiit MUN was a 3 day pleasant journey. It started with an awesome introductive session and finally ended up with a grand closing ceremony. All the sessions in the 3 days were both fun and intense. Their organizing committee was zealous and well managed. It just boosted the confidence in me, and now I look forward to participate in future MUNs.In a nutshell,it was a great experience.”

A MUN doesn’t end with the debates and hard work, the gratification continues throughout the night!  The social programme is the perfect way to accompany your time at MUN, with amazing events that will guarantee unforgettable nights. This International MUN was no different. We were served with palatable networking dinner nights on the first two days and with a savour dinner,a bashing DJ on the last day. After a stupendous experience at  KIIT, our VSSUT MUNNING family has already embarked on the second edition of VSSUT MUN. Our Secretariat is  readying up the deck for your presence and is working round the clock to ensure a Conference that you remember for times to come!

P.S: The VSSUT MUN Family unites in prayer for all those who died in the horrific attacks on Paris; for their families; and for peace throughout our world. R.I.P

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