Choose your co-ordinator


Such opulence.

Such grandeur.

Such magnitude.

These feelings reverberate in our mind whenever a fest is conducted in VSSUT. Isn’t it? We as VSSUTians have earned quite a name for ourselves when it comes to fests and other sundry events inside and outside the college. This is because of the stellar work and able leadership of the secretaries selected for various clubs of the institute.  And for the next session the college will choose another set of coordinators to lead respective societies. We here bring you the list of probable candidates who will fight for the post of coordinators and ace the interview headed by deans and heads of departments. The selection solely depends on the performance of the candidate in the interview; but still we want a say from you all; as to who would your choice be? We want your opinion on as to who would be the best from the lot to lead the societies forward and achieve optimum results?  so, VSSUTians, vote for your favoured choice. Your votes will have no bearings whatsoever on the selection of a candidate whatsoever because everything is gonna be decided in that closed room full of interviewers.

Disclaimer: Vission is not favoring any candidacy nor is against the candidacy of any student. This poll will not reflect the outcome of any results of the interview in any manner.  This is not a verdict, but a kind of exit poll. Remember exit polls can be hugely wrong too. (Remember Delhi and Bihar elections). Uncontested candidates of some clubs are not included in this poll. Plus the data we have is probable and not absolutely accurate. (so, cut us some slack!). Any error that may occur is unintentional and will be rectified soon.

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